BBQ by the Beach

One of the unique aspects of the Perth area is the abundance of gas BBQ’s.

A typical BBQ you could find along the Perth Coastal Area.
A typical BBQ you could find along the Perth Coastal Area.

And – where ever you find a BBQ – you will find a picnic table.

The unique thing about these BBQ’s is that in order to heat it, you just need to press a button (BBQ and Gas are for free).  And, within 10 seconds, you have a griddle that is ready to be used.  Of course, there is a very high chance others have used the BBQ before you, so you may wish to clean it before use.  But outside of that, all you need is food to cook and the rest is elementary.

The downside to these BBQ’s is that many people use them during the summer months, so there may be a little wait. The gas/electricity also shuts off at 9 pm, which limits you to a cooking time.  Also, with BBQ’s in high demand you may also find this applies to the table/s.  So if you are willing to wait, and take a picnic cloth (instead of a table) – you may find a BBQ by the beach is just what the “captain” ordered.  We found that most people finish cooking around 7 pm, so you can quite easily enjoy a dip in the ocean and then dinner by the beach!

A favorite spot by many can be found at Scarborough Beach, which has two BBQ’s and three tables.  It also has a play area for kids, a huge grass area, and a direct access to the beach.  This spot is awesome for Sunsets, which makes a BBQ by the beach a memorable one.

Sunset at Scarborough Beach
Sunset at Scarborough Beach


So if you feel that today is the day you want to have a BBQ by the beach, here is a list of things that you may need (outside of food)


  1.  Metal Scrapper (and brush – optional) – for cleaning
  2. Tongs and Egg lifter
  3. Knifes, Forks, spoons, plates, serviettes .
  4. Wet towels (or a towel which can be used for grubby hands)
  5. Bowls for cooked food
  6. Salt and Pepper
  7.  Cups for drinks (or drinks by themselves)  On the note of drinks:  some areas have a zero alcohol tolerance and if found drinking any alcohol in these areas may result in a fine.
  8. Picnic Cloth (incase tables are taken)
  9. Plastic bags to throw rubbish away in

We always have our picnic things read to go for those last-minute decision.  It takes the stress out of getting things together, so that the evening can be enjoyed.  For us there is nothing better than having  dinner by the beach while the sun sets and a gentle breeze comes off the ocean.  Experience = PRICELESS

Of course, if you are nowhere near Scarborough  you can view this website for a BBQ in your area:

So here’s to you on your next adventure – enjoy!


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