Destination: Jurien Bay (last stop)

Jurien Bay is known for its culture, diversity and annual wild flowers which can be seen during August/September.  However we decided to visit Jurien Bay during January, and therefore missed all these highlights.

We were slightly disappointed by Jurien Bay.  We were spoilt with the rugged coasts and untapped beauty.  Jurien Bay had an air or commercialism, and it did not have that coast town feel.  We made our way to the coast to find a cafe right on the beach front.  Of course this would be a wonderful experience, however we were not really after a cafe experience on this particular day.

There was a jetty that was very inviting to walk along, however we had already decided that Cervantes was far better in terms of privacy, location and atmosphere.

Jurien Bay Harbour
Jurien Bay Harbour

While I may have not enjoyed Jurien Bay on this particular day, Jurien Bay does offer a host of experiences which you can find out more from:

If you were planning a road trip to Shark Bay, then staying at Jurien Bay may be a great stay over.  But out of Jurien Bay and Cervantes – I would definitely vote Cervantes.


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