Travelling back to Perth from Jurien Bay

I love our travels back.  For some reason I always see things that I did not see before.

Sand Dunes - seen in greater scale
Sand Dunes – seen in greater scale

On our way back we noticed this white substance in the distance.  It sparked a hive of conversation in the car with focus on the subject snow!  We were debating that if it was snow – then how would it have stayed there in such great quantity at sea-level and while it was so hot.  To our surprise we found it was the Sand Dune we saw earlier but now it was so much bigger and whiter!  I was tempted to stop and explore but I already knew that we used a great portion of our time up at Jurien Bay and Cervantes, so this would have to be added to the “next adventure” list.

A place called Wedge
A place called Wedge

Just a little way down from these Dunes was a little side road to a location called Wedge.  I had seen a bumper sticker previously called – “Save Wedge” and I had no idea what it all meant.  So we took a quick detour to find out more.  We were surprised to find houses (or rooms) made out of corrugated iron, or from  some makeshift material.  I guess the rule that I read on a board – no houses to be built permanently – would be an explanation for this selection of building style. There was no electricity and water was limited.  There was a dirt road which  I was tempted to travel down (which look like a long driveway) to find out more. The only reason why this was tempting was that I saw a couple of 4X4’s going down this exact road.  The only thing that stopped me was the fact that I had a little car and the road was very sandy…which meant that according to murphy’s law,  I had a good chance of getting stuck!  however, I mentally added this to my ever growing list of “adventures”.  Apparently, from what I have gathered since, is that Wedge has the abundance of untouched coastal terrain and is a very popular spot for surfers.  I am sure that I will write about this in the future but for now…this is about all I have about this experience.

I have always preferred the alternative ways of generating electricity or acquiring water.  I believe that this world harnesses a lot of power which we can tap into at any stage, but have not.  When we continued our journey and I was surprised to see wind turbines.  Actually I was quite excited because I did not see them the first time going up to Jurien Bay AND I it was a delight to see someone making an attempt to using this form of energy creation over more traditional forms of energy “acquisitional” methods.

wind mill
wind mill

It was also not long after that – that I saw this.  Windmills offer such a variation to any landscape.  And this picture really captured what I saw – dry – yellow/brown terrain with greenish shrubs on the outskirts captured by blue sky in the backdrop.

While the trip up to Jurien Bay was intriguing, I must say the trip back was just as much so!  And we were so lucky to experience this all within a day – leaving me with a thought – ISN”T WESTERN AUSTRALIA JUST STUNNING!

If you saw something that I did not on the way up to Jurien Bay – please comment below.  I would love to hear about it!


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