Firstly, taking a day trip of the length is not recommend with little kids in the car.  Fortunately my girls are much older and were able to enjoy the little detours we took.

The idea of this trip was established the night before.  I have always wanted to see what Margaret River was about, because so many people talked about.  I heard that it is stunning, and I thought that this really has to be top notch in comparison to the coast line of WA. So it was decided that we leave at 07h30.  Of course like most road trips, this time moved to 08h30 on the day – as we were not exactly prepared for this type of adventure.  Preparations comes from organizing drinks, maps, swim gear and of course snack packs.  My girls are pretty well organized when it comes to road trips and generally know that it is a good idea to take a HUGE lunch box with little snacks, drinks and a pillow.  The latter – for sleeping.

So, at 08h30 we left for destination – Margaret River.

Of course, being a weekend, we found the roads pretty quiet for this time of day.  It did not take too long before we were passing the turn off to Mandurah.  The thought of a detour to Mandurah was inviting, but I knew from previous experience that this would add a lot of time to journey, and I knew we still had a long way to go.

When ever I do a mammoth road trip of this nature, I generally plot a few stops (or achievements) a long the way.  My first stop was Bunbury, however this trip alone is about 180km.  I knew that being in a car for this length of time would be pushing the boundaries, so we decided to make a few smaller stops before then.

Our first stop was this little detour down a gravel road.  At first we needed to stop in a hurry because some travelers were experiencing some legs cramps, and needed to stretch.  So I found this little sign that showed a camping ground and rest stop.  We stopped off the side of the road, and were completely in awe at the amount of monarch butterflies that were flying around.  We had accidently stumbled upon our own little shower of butterflies.  It was amazing.

Our dusty road with butterflies flying around
Our dusty road with butterflies flying around

If you look at the pictures above you can see a number of little orange type spots which are the butterflies.  My girls decided to hold out a banana skin to invite them to land on it.  However, from past butterfly tours, I learnt different butterflies like different things.  As I was not an expect in this area, I did not know if a banana skin would be the fruit of choice for these butterflies.  However, as no butterflies landed on it, I can safely say it was NOT!

With the notion that we still had a fair distance to go, I urged everyone in the car.  It was not long before I found a detour through Australind , which is a wonderful little town that many seem to drive past.  This little town is by the coast line, which I enjoy driving along.  As we already had our little stop with next stop – BUNBURY, I was not stopping for photos and focused forward!  Australind in my mind, is practically a hop-skip-and a jump from Bunbury, and I knew that we were almost at our first marker.  So it was a mental refresher to know that we were only moments away – and obviously a little detour through the town.

…to be continued

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