MONSTER ROAD TRIP – part 2 (Bunbury)

With Bunbury now in sights, I was getting pretty excited.  It was sort of half way to Margaret’s River, and I was so keen to get a cup of coffee.  The road from Perth to Bunbury was pretty much barren.  I had seen one venue that sold coffee, but unfortunately I do judge the book by its cover when it comes to cofee. We noticed that this venue was a big barn turned into a cafe/coffee/I don’t know.  It was pretty suspect, as it was just this HUGE corrugated silver shed on reddish dirt ground which gave me flashbacks of a Quentin Tarantino movie set in the outback of Mexico.  I also have one major dislike and that is:  Burnt coffee.  The problem with coffee that if it is made poorly you cannot give it back.  Of course I have worked in a cafe as a barista in the past and I know all the little short cuts cafes take to increase the profit margin with the result of a “not-so-great cup of coffee” And if I was going to spend $5.00 on a regular cup of coffee – then I wanted to make sure it was a good investment!  So, besides reaching Bunbury – my radar was set on —>  GOOD COFFEE SHOP!

I did make just one little teenie stop before Bunbury at a shop that said the Emu Pie Shop.  I was attracted to a sign that said Emu Pie and then under it Emu Oil.  As I have never heard of Emu Oil before I wanted to find out what it was all about.  It was just a little off the beaten track, a corrugated building painted white with an orange logo.  Outside were two Emu’s – just waiting for a good feed from us.  I had a little venture in the shop and noticed they had no eftpos facility.  As I did not even stop at a bank before I left, I knew that my purchase here would be limited.  Further – there was NO coffee to be found.  The emus were slightly on the disappointed side as we had purchased a drink and some figs….and while one gorged itself on a fig – the other one made this noises (like a “huff”) in utter disgust.

The emu pie shop
The emu pie shop
The Emu
The Emu

Of course our visit at the Emu Pie Shop was short lived, as we were on the road heading for Magic Marker – Bunbury.  Bunbury is sort of a town where you go through a round about, see some shops but can quite easily side step the whole town center with some side roads.  Somehow, I managed to do just this and found myself by an industrial wharf.   On one side of the road were yachts, ships etc.  On the other side was a beach with this amazing turquoise water.  Of course, while I was getting all the gear ready this morning I had forgotten to pack the bathing suite.  But this did not hold my girls back.  The moment I stopped, they were running down the beach for a swim.  Of course it was picture time, and I did get the chance feel the water.  It was AMAZING.  Then my thoughts drifted to the shark sighting they had just a few weeks prior, so while I was taking photos I was also on guard for any shapes moving in the water.  I guess – the typical Mum with radar on full alert!

A little beach by Bunbury!
A little beach by Bunbury!
you can see just how clear the water was truly amazing
you can see just how clear the water is…it was truly amazing

Needless to say – we were pressed for time and our journey had to continue………………..without coffee 😦

to be continued……

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