Onwards to – Margaret’s River

Bunbury only lasted a few moments.  It was like we were on a budget of time, because I knew that we still had a long way to go AND each stop costs time.  Further, we only had a day to do this trip so I had to make sure I was time keeper while still having a little fun.

So onward we went.

The girls were refreshed, I was still without coffee which was surprisingly okay for me, and Margaret River was only like – 160 km to go.  As we were driving, I noticed this little sign that said:  Cheese Tasting – Coffee.  I am not sure which one of those two compelled me to turn down this road, but I was keen for a little adventure.  Obviously the first couple of adventures we had weren’t enough and today was obviously heading to:  “How many adventures can we fit into a day!”

As I turned into the road there was another sign pointing us down this gravel pathway, which looked like a private road.  I drove cautiously – hoping I had taken the right road.  Then out of the blue I saw a huge sign:  The Old Cheddar Cheese Company – and with that a huge sigh of relief.

The Cheese Sign
The Cheese Sign

While a gravel road brought one to this location, the actual venue was well presented.  Everyone in the car were cheese fans and were quite happy to try some cheese.  [Where is Geronimo Stilton now?]  The inside was clean and well presented, yet still had that sort of farm/rural atmosphere.  I liked it immediately – but more importantly – they had a coffee machine.  Immediately this venue went up to a whole new notch and the big test was in the proof of the “coffee” itself.

So while the girls were tasting, I was ordering.  At first I ordered everything to go (that whole TIME factor), but someone suggested we stay a while.  And it was definitely a good idea.  Because – the coffee was amazing….and it was a perfect combination with the cheese!  Of course I could not leave the shop without purchasing a few cheesy products for the trip…which later proved to be very scrumptious.

inside the shop
Inside the shop

As I looked down upon my watch I noticed 45 minutes had elapse…and immediately I went into my calculations on time to travel, time to do an adventure and then time to get back.  It probably was at around the point when a suggestion was put forward that we take a different route to Margaret’s River and see more of the country side – when I took the whole “time clock” and threw it out the window.  It was obviously not going to work today and I accepted the fact that we probably will only get home at midnight!

So back on the highway we went searching for a new route to Margaret’s River, when we literally found ourselves at the main intersection of  Busselton.  In my mind, Busselton is just the hub of culture.  It has the longest jetty in the world (well I am not sure about that) – but it is 1.8km long, has this amazing coastal area and a very quaint town .  However at this intersection, we also had the  turn-off to the “country side”! So now had two choices to make at this point.  Leave Busselton for later when the sun sets and take a different route to Margaret River OR go to Busselton and stay on the fast and narrow route to Margaret’s River.  Of course, the former was decided which I am not to sure was the wisest of plans, but need the less, we turned left (instead of straight/right) in- land to see more “rural and “desert”!

to be continued……


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