Are we there yet?

As I turned left into Queen Elizabeth Avenue I could not help myself from calculating the time now added on the trip, the time needed at the destination, etc etc.  I know, I said I threw the clock out the window, but I really don’t enjoy driving at night, and was really hoping to get back before it was dark.  My little clock-o-meter was suggesting that this was not possible.

While I was thinking about this I came across this very unusual scene.  A broken down truck – very rusted, parked by a cattle ramp – going NOWHERE fast.  I just loved the rustic browns, yellows and red in contrast to the dry earth and green eucalyptus trees.

Cattle going Nowhere
Cattle going Nowhere

Now, Australia has been hit by same really tragic fires.  I always sympathize for the victims that are not honored – the animals.  Most of them die very horrific deaths and most of the fires are actually started by vandals.  In fact, recently an investigation unit found that some of volunteer fire fighters started these fires that consumes thousands of hectares of natural terrain.  As you can see this topic really upsets me, so I will not dwell on it anymore.  However, while we were travelling we got to experience first hand the impact of such horror in a habitat.

Burnt Sign and forest where life was once found
Burnt Sign and forest where life was once found!

Our stay was short and brief.  The day was hot, and this area was particularly hotter, and I did fear for a minute that a fire could break out again.  With only one way in and one way out, my decision to leave was made quickly.

Before long, we were merrily merrily driving down the road.  It literally was just moment before we found this most unusual little shed that was selling water melons.

The little shed of water melons
The little shed of water melons

We saw a sign that said $1.00 and we really stopped to question this.  Watermelons are not that cheap in the shops, and I thought that if it was $1.00 then it would be one of those items you buy to eat at the “destination”.  Needless to say we were slightly disappointing to find that the only thing for a dollar was a shriveled up plant, and that the water melon were more expensive than what you find in the shops.

Honesty Box - where you put your money and hope no one else steals it.
Honesty Box – where you put your money and hope no one else steals it.

At the back end of the shed was a little honest box where you pop the money in.  This box is relying on people to be honest – to do the right thing – and to pop the right money into the box.  I am not sure how successful this sales technique is and as we drove off we began to talk about that very thing plus the price of items.  With a shed way out in the middle of nowhere – on a road that has very little travelers (we had not seen a car since we turned down this road), we questioned the pricing.  We thought – would it not be better to price the products that will encourage people to purchase it?  I would rather sell 10 watermelons at roughly$4.00 than no water melons at $8.00 plus each!  Needless to say this little shed did not get any support from us as we had already spent most of our change at the cheese shop and had not stopped by a bank to withdraw money.

By now the day was really heating up, and even though my little car had air condition turned at extreme high, it could not fight against the penetrating heat from outside the windows.  The girls were looking a little drained too, and the water that I had brought had all been consumed.  I was no hoping to find some little convenient store to replenish the fluids – but was not that hopeful given that we had not seen any cars or stores up to this point – AND – we were still travelling in-land – AWAY from civilization.

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