Margaret River – Here we come….almost there

Well – it was a long long road to no-where.  AND – our fluids were low – well – more on empty.  We some how drove past this country store…and we took a double take.  It literally looked like it was out of the 60’s that I had to check my mobile phone to make sure we did not enter into a time warp of some sort.  Of course, with no water left in the car, and girls starting to feel the heat, this definitely called for a stop.  And even if we had all the water in the world – we still would have stopped because this type of experience could never be bought!  It was an adventure – for sure!!!

General Store
General Store
inside this store
inside this store
Not sure if this truck need fuel
Not sure if this truck need fuel

This little store can be found in Rosa Brook which is probably a hop-skip-and a jump to Margaret River.  Inside the store were vintage arrangements of all sorts, and the outside matched that what was inside.  I was expecting to find a cash-only operation – but was pleasantly surprised to find an eftpos machine, which meant I could purchase a little more than the cash I had left.

The girls were stocked up, the driver had some nice cold water, and a bunch of photos, and all travelers were ready for “onward march”!  Margaret River – here we come.

We quickly found our way to the intersection of the main highway, when someone in the car said – why don’t we go left to Augusta.  I felt my neck go into a strain from whip lash to check facial seriousness.  Yup – serious for sure.  I steered the car right and said – road trip destination is Margaret River – NOT Augusta.  We are going – THIS WAY!  We had spent twice the amount of time stopping for adventures and I could not justify another adventure at this point!

It is interesting entering into Margaret River from the “other side”!  Normally tourist come down the main road from Busselton, but we seemed to come in from the other side, as this is where our little detour led us.  How it did – not to sure, but when I found myself on the main road I was very relieved.   We sort of stumbled into the town and was slightly disappointed   I was trying to figure out what all the fuss was about – as the cultural image of arts, crafts and wines was created in all advertising material – and somehow I imagined something completely different.  Maybe because I have really seen a lot of the world, and arts and crafts in other parts of the world is definitely different from arts and crafts in this country.  I imagine arts and crafts to be filled with just that – not shops lining each side of the main road – showcasing mass produced products.

We drove past the Margaret River’s Fudge Factory, and thought that was different and decided to stop.   I am not a particular fudge fan and as we entered we were enchanted with a huge window displaying the whole fudge making process.  At the end of this window was a little table with some little pieces of fudge for tasting.  I had one – and clearly knew I had reached the quota for the year.  I would say the piece was about 3mm square (if that) and boy – did that sugar knock me for a six.  Wow – what a punch!  The girls, on the other hand, took to the fudge like duck to water.  I decided to buy one little pack for them later – “when we stop for lunch”.  Although, lunch time had clearly passed as it was nearing 4pm already.  I was surprised that even though the “fudge making room” was filled with activity, there was no one in the shop itself.  We casually looked around, waiting for someone to come out to see if there they could help.  Finally I thought that if I stood by the till then someone would see that I was keen to enter into a transaction.  I must have waited at least 5 minutes before someone huffed in. The service did not improve from this point, and after regrettably purchasing fudge – I made a note to myself never to venture into this store again.

The notorious Fudge Factory
The notorious Fudge Factory

Finally – we started our trip home.  I began thinking why I found the destination quite dull.  I came to the conclusion – maybe trips are more about the journey and not the destination.  So I settled into the thought of – homeward bound – with a stop for lunch.  This was very short lived when someone in the car asked to stop at the visitor center – the reason:  wanted to find out more about the area.  I thought while we were there, might as well.  However – I was soon to be in for a BIG surprise.  If I had some dramatic music I would play it now – because I soon learnt the real reason was  – to find out about caves in the area…….(to be continued)


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