The longest jetty in the world

Well I am not exactly sure about this, but for 1.8 km,it sure does make one LONG jetty AND stunning too.  Where can you find it?  In Busselton, just about 2.5 hours south of Perth.

longest jetty ever
longest jetty ever

It has a little train track built in the middle which is a great help for those with walking difficulties.

walking the tracks
walking the tracks

Along the side of the jetty are little fishing spots where you can fish for an amazing array of fish.

your personal fishing spot
your personal fishing spot just down the stairs

With the picture above you can truly grasp how long the jetty really is, and right at the end you have the option to view the fish in the water in a underwater room.  So don’t forget your wallets on this trip.

A shop and an experience!
A shop and an experience!

Busselton  hosts a number of activities.  Just along side the jetty is a man-made rock pool, which is just perfect for kids.

little rock pool for safe swimming
little rock pool for safe swimming

…and of course you have an array of restaurants to choose from if you forgot to pack lunch!

Busselton was our final stop on our Monster Road trip, and in all fairness, it should have been the first and only stop on this day due to its beauty and list of things to do.

I am already planning our next trip… stay tune!  😉


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