BBQ on a “Shoestring”

A BBQ by the beach is probably the most cost effective experiences one can have, especially if you have Gas BBQ’s supplied by the council.  The only thing you need is:  cooking and eating utensils….oh and food (of course).

We are very lucky in Western Australia because the weather is always near perfect for this experience. BBQ’s are streamed along the coastline, and it literally is a pack and go experience.

A typical BBQ you could find along the Perth Coastal Area.
A typical BBQ you could find along the Perth Coastal Area.

However sometimes you are just a little short on the food part – especially if you have not done the shopping and was hopping to just stretch that budget just a little more.

So today, as it was one of the weeks where I wanted to stretch the budget just a little more, I thought I would come up with some nifty way to have this experience without spending any more money.  As I had made spaghetti bolognese the night before I was sitting with a lot of mince that could be used.  I could not see us heating the mince on the BBQ ….and I could not see myself heating it up before we go.  Both those methods would not really work.  So I thought – what could I make that which would result in  awesome evening.  I really did not want to drive to the store to get any products, so the challenge was to use what I had to create a success.

The idea of gozleme’s came to mind.  The only problem, I only had self raising flour and some vanilla yoghurt.  The recipe called for greek or plain yoghurt, flour and yeast.  Luckily for me – I found a recipe for self raising flour and greek yoghurt.  So I thought – what would happen if I used vanilla yoghurt instead?  So I mixed together just a little to see what it would taste with – and to my surprise it was passable.   So within minutes,  I had a dough base which I stretched out, placed two spoons of mince and topped with cheese.  I wrapped that up like a pie, and wa-la!  A BBQ gozleme.

A turkish woman making gozlemes
A turkish woman making gozlemes

Of course the rest will be quite easy…a summer salad with mixed leaves, tomato, diced carrots, and anything else I can find to throw in the mix.  And drinks – nothing beats a cup of coffee as you watch the sun go down.

one of the many sunsets by WA beach
one of the many sunsets by WA beach

I hope it all works outs, and will definitely post pics of the results.   Of course if it does work out I can envision a few more options with veggies etc.  But today – it is just trial and error!



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