Hmm….BBQ by the beach?

Our favorite place has lost in Zing!  It is probably because I wrote about it.  It is sad because it has THE most amazing sunset view, with two BBQ to prep food. Now it seems that the whole of Perth is flocking down to this very spot. The BBQ is now far from good condition, and the tables are now wrecked with oil stains, alcohol bottles, and knife etchings stating who was there last. So it is back on the hunt for a nice location – and forgive me not giving away the location in my next blog .  Sometimes great things should only be shared if care is mutually respected.

Needless to say, we endeavored to cook our food.  The BBQ was in the worse condition I have ever seen.  We did our best to clean it up but it looked like someone had jumped on the stainless steel plate – with the perfect flat form now dipped causing uneven hot spots. I guess I do write with disappointment as I grew up in a world where you take care of other people’s things.  You respect others and their property.  Never the less, regardless of the dis-heartening moment, we were able to cook our food. But because crowd was loud, boisterous, cursing and smoking, we promptly ate it and  left.  So unfortunately – no sunset photos. BUT the good news is:  those little  gozlemes I made – turned out fantastic.

Cut through section of my little BBQ creation!
Cut through section of my little BBQ creation!

So here is the recipe.  I don’t mind sharing this because I really hope you enjoy them.  This will make roughly 4…depending on how thin you roll out the dough.

  • Put in about 6 to 8 tablespoons of plain/vanilla yoghurt.
  • Mix in Self Raising Flour until it forms a dough.
  • Mince meat (or other fillings) for filling

Sprinkle some flour on the counter and place dough on top.  If it is sticky, don’t worry, as you knead the dough some of the flour from the table will help create a more doughy structure.  If it is still sticky then add some more flour until it forms into a manageable dough that you can roll into little balls without it sticking to your fingers. Take a rolling pin and roll out the balls until it looks like a tortilla.  Place filling in the middle, fold over, and close off like you would the end of a pie. (ie. squishing the ends together so no fillings can come out) There you have it…now you can BBQ gozleme. Let me know how it goes…and enjoy!  As for our next BBQ spot – well that is a whole new adventure awaiting!


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