BP Coffee and a Sunset

Most people know BP as a place where you would fill up your car with petrol (or gas as they would say it in USA).  However, BP has made a massive impact in regards to creating a cafe environment in some major areas of the world.  Unfortunately, the USA is not on the list, but I am sure that it is in the plans.

The cafe in question is the Wild Bean Cafe.  I have had the privilege of having coffee in the 3 of the 8 countries from a Wild Bean Cafe.  And all I can say that service and product are exceptional.

I am very fussy when it comes to coffee, and so many times I have bought coffee where the milk has been burnt, the coffee is old/reused, or any other ailments that I am sure many of you have also experienced.  Yup, I have had my fair share of BAD coffee.  So when I find a place that can deliver a GREAT cup of coffee I will return.  And so far, BP has come out trumps 99% of the time.

Granted, they have their bad days where the coffee is just not as great.  But even their worse cup of coffee beats an average cup at a high-valued coffee shop.  So with great service, great coffee, and cleanliness I have to say – Wild Bean Cafe – 5 stars for you.

5 stars for service, quality and taste!BP at Burns Beach Rd
5 stars for service, quality and taste!
BP at Marmion Rd, Western Australia

Of course our next stop was finding a BBQ which was not inhabited by thousands of people and that was not wrecked.  When you start the evening with great service, great coffee, you can only expect great things from there.

We came across this little place, which we have been to before.  The BBQ was in perfect condition, we had a table that was in great shape, and the weather was perfect with a slight breeze and gentle waves.  The girls made a bee line for the beach which had about 20 people in total.  As we were elevated, it was easy for me to keep on eye on them.

playing catch
playing catch

Dinner was served at the same time the girls had had their fair share of fun.  And together we were able to witness the most amazing sunset.

Sunset and a BBQ
Sunset and a BBQ

Maybe we finally found a secret BBQ spot with an exceptional view! 😉  How blessed are we!


2 thoughts on “BP Coffee and a Sunset”

  1. You mean BP as in Gasoline? Talk about two things I would have never thought of going together. Thanks for liking my blog post, The Social Shall Inherit the Earth…

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