Giants in Perth

Yup, it has been a while. WHY???? Well I ended up writing for a big online site about travel. And of course, that is pretty exciting.  However, I don’t really put all my experiences up on that site…some I just have to leave for something like this.

It is March 2015 – I know! Where did the time go!  Can’t answer that but can say that we have been enjoying a very active two years.


For starters, we enjoyed watching the GIANTS in Perth.  This is a story told by Aboriginals of Giants who were separated and spent years trying to find themselves.  Of course, in the end the little girl and her Uncle found each other right here in Perth.

The atmosphere to this event was amazing, and of course it is something I would go to again.  The technology and management to creating something so successful was outstanding.  And it is also amazing to know that Perth has a catalog of events happening through the year. Just maybe I will highlight one that is happening this Sunday and it has to do with Birds of Prey.  Don’t know about you but to get up close and personal with any Birds of Prey is pretty amazing and very humbling.  If you happen to be in the Perth area this weekend – then head up to Whiteman Park….and be prepared to be awed.




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