Hidden Gems in Australia – Detour to Brand Highway

Our journey to Cervantes continues with a test to see if the road was open to travel on..  We did not see any smoke on the horizon, and we were hopeful that the Indian Ocean Drive was open to save us 1.5 hours of detour.


To our dismay it was still closed, however we decided that the detour would add some new sights and adventures to our journey. As a result, we turned back and took the detour up KW Road.

A quick shot

If you do not know this area very well, you can quite easily get lost on this detour as KW Road links up with a few other roads. If you ever take this route remember these instructions:

KW Road, take a right on Sappers Road which turns into Cowalla and then turn left on Orange Spring Road to meet up with Brand Highway!

The road to Brand Highway is stunning, lined with farmlands and reserves.  Get the camera ready because you may just capture a rare moment.

fire north of Perth

As soon as we hit Brand Higway, we could see plumes of smoke on our left hand side.  We soon found out that the there were two fires and both were going in the same direction we were!

to be continued….

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