The Life And Why You Should LIVE it!

The is me, almost 46 years old.  In fact,  I will be 46 in about 8 days.  (give or take a few time zone differences).

I started writing this blog to share places I have seen. Of course the idea was simple – take shots of areas people wouldn’t normally see.  And they wouldn’t normally see them because the roads I travel is generally off the ‘beaten path’.

I stopped writing for a while.  I guess it was inviting to write for a bigger website and get some money for it.  But, in the end I realized that you could not write the way YOU wanted to write.  Like everything there are rules – and rightfully so if it is someone else’s business.

Believe it or not - I was pretty sad at this point. My daughter asked me to pretend to be happy.
Believe it or not – I was pretty sad at this point. My daughter asked me to pretend to be happy.

However, it was not until recently….in fact… today that I realized that I have changed quite a bit.  Up until I was 29 years I lived life without a care in the world.  I did things, went places and it was never about having a lifetime job, staying in one place, and eventually dying there.  For me, life was about seeing things, experiencing things, doing things…!  If an opportunity came my way that I thought would be an experience, I probably was doing it.

An 'aerial view' of a life changing experience.
An ‘aerial view’ of a life changing experience.

BUT, when everyday people look at people like me, they begin to say things like:  You have to wake up and smell the coffee or Grow Up or it is time to become an adult…or just a whole load of useless information.

The biggest problem with this is not because it is is because we are conditioned from birth to – get a job, stay in that job for the rest of our lives and then die.  Some of us are pretty lucky – we get a job we actually enjoy doing.  Other…spend their lives working in a job they hate and then spend their whole loves hating everyday they are living.  Others jump from job to job in searching of the thing that will make them happy.

This moment will pass you by - savor it, enjoy it and remember it!
This moment will pass you by – savor it, enjoy it and remember it!

So, at about 29 I decided to grow up.  Maybe people were right.  Maybe I had to grow up and smell the coffee.  So within a wink and a smile, I put that carefree idea away and GREW UP!

The problem now was that I was covering up who I really was and spent the last 16 plus years trying to fit into a community that did not do the things I did.  Of course, there were some cross overs such as sports, and hobbies.  And there were so many times that even in my hardest efforts to be normal I was seen as the CRAZY one.  But the truth is – when you end up trying to do something that you don’t really enjoy – you begin to hate every moment you are living.

Last year, I literally decided to step out from the norm.  I quit my job and started my own business.  And in that – a whole new set of psychological warfare was handed to me on a platinum platter.

It is very easy to succumb to the ‘advice’ given to you over the years that play in your head like re-runs.  But, deep down you know that you are really that CRAZY one waiting to bust out and live life.

If anyone that I know reads this was thinking – “you are crazy..what…you are always doing stuff”?  I can back that up – most of it was a push and shove from my husband who has been trying to rip away layers of crap I have placed over the years.  He also noticed the change over the years and personally – he loved the old me.

So, this is me.  It is 10 am in the morning.  I should be working.  There is a ton of things to do.  It has taken that last 9 months to launch my business.  I have spent everyday working in it NOT on it! And believe me I don’t regret it because the past 9 months have been amazing and I have done some really bazaar OUT OF THIS WORLD stuff. But in all the amazing stuff I have done, I did because I wanted a business that I loved being in.  And as a result I have worked harder and longer hours then ever before…and have made every excuse not to live because I had to work!  (sound familiar)

At 10 am, I am standing at the one of the many beautiful marine reserves.  The water is clear, there is no wind, and you can snorkel seeing the most amazing marine life.  I would normally not venture into the ocean because of the possibility of sharks.  But the fact is – thanks to White Shark Africa – those great whites don’t really enjoy people as food.  So – just do it!

ARoadTravelled - a unique story that only YOU can write!
ARoadTravelled – a unique story that only YOU can write!

And I did.  It was amazing.  I went deeper than I have ever done and snorkeled over rocks I would never dare venture.  I literally jumped into the water and started to looking at the marine life.  I am grateful.

Of course, I started this blog with the idea of sharing unique spots I find because I am the one that goes down the road LESS traveled.  I love to travel.   And some of the information will be formal…but most it will be informal.  So – if you like what you read and enjoy the pics….follow this blog.  And don’t be shy to leave a comment or two.

Thank You
From 46 year old ME – on a roadtravelled!





One thought on “The Life And Why You Should LIVE it!”

  1. Love your passion and I will be following your ‘off the beaten track’ travel blog. Always wish safe journeys. Xx

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