Cataby (Part 1)

Cataby is a small town about 1.5 hours north of Perth along Brand Highway.  Blink and you have missed a true Aussie Gem.

25 Hour Diner

This town hosts two roadhouses with each having their unique features.  The first was a Diner that was open for 25 hours!  I know, never knew that there were 25 hours in the day.  It could be that times comes to an almost standstill that it probably feels like 25 hours.

Cataby RoadHouse

The first is a unique stop which allows visitors to sit by an Aviary of native birds.  There are shaded picnic benches where you can enjoy coffee/tea and snacks which can be purchased from the restaurant.

Native Birds

With iconic sculptures of kangaroos, begs one to pose for a photo.

My motto – cease the moment while you can!

A quick pose!

The food was average.  I am not a big fan on oily fries, however they were well received by the kids.  The coffee was made through a button machine, which I would normally not invest in, however given with our latest adventures – caffeine was high on the list of priorities.

While the coffee was not outstanding, the venue was very quaint and I thought that I could quite easily stop here again in the not so distant future.  However, time was pressing and we were hoping to reach Cervantes before midday….so onward and forward we went.

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