Where to Celebrate Valentines for 2016

This year, Valentine’s Day lands on Sunday.  Now for some, this is just another marketing day which adds revenue to businesses.  To others, it is a day of making someone feel special and exceptional. Frankly, I don’t see why cannot do the latter everyday, however the day does have a little ‘ring’ of romance – so why not!

Valentines Day can be celebrated many ways from e-cards to a romantic getaway.  This weekend will be the last weekend for a getaway for the next 4 years – least.   And of course, with every four years there is leap year which means this throws the calendar out a few days.

The Romantic Weekend Get-Away:

South Africa:

Just outside of Hermanus, which is about 2.5 hours south of Cape Town this is a little place called Standford Bay.  As this area is growing it is also known as ‘De Kelders’.

A Romantic Sunset at Stanford Bay
A Romantic Sunset at Stanford Bay

For a weekend like this, you could look at hiring out a cabin right on the beach front.  No one to bug you, except a few sea gulls and with it – a million dollar view with priceless sunsets to set the tone to this memorable weekend.  To find out more about this little spot, you can view and article I wrote a couple of years back.  You may not see the whales, but there is a private beach, a swim area and romantic Hermanus is just a hop-skip-and-a-jump away.


Perth host the best weather for Valentines Day during February.  Hot Days means evenings are cooler which is great for a late afternoon swim finishing off with a picnic which should at least include chocolates.

The perfect sunset to a perfect Romantic Weekend
The perfect sunset to a perfect Romantic Weekend

There are a range of beaches you can go to that have awesome views.  So take a drive along the West Coast Road to find your perfect pick.

A Cozy Look Out Chalet...built just with You in mind!
A Cozy Look Out Chalet…built just with You in mind!

Mine would probably be a little north of City Beach where the options of stopping is plentiful and the views are a billion dollars worth!

As chocolate is one of my favorites options to have, I have organized a 12% discount to anyone who is looking for an awesome Valentines Gifts.  If you are on a diet or have special requirements…they also do customer creations!  In order to get this amazing discount for some awesome chocolates (believe me – I recieved a bouquet and I am a raving fan) you will need to either call Tanya from LollyPotz or email her.  Mention the CODE:  #aroadtravelled 

There is nothing like getting brownies points, to set the Valentines Weekend in motion, by sending a hand delivered custom LollyPotz to the “love of your life’s” work on Friday!

CALL:  0424835583

My Valentines Gift arrived with all my favorite chocolates! #BrowniePoints
My Valentines Gift arrived with all my favorite chocolates! #BrowniePoints

There are many more places I could mention where you can spend some time with your loved one.  However I thought I should leave that to a vote and find out which country you think is the most romantic!


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