Cataby (Part 2)

While the first Cataby Roadhouse was interesting in regards to fixture and native birds, the coffee (unfortunately) was barely drinkable.  I was extremely disappointed because the young lady behind the counter was pretty abrupt with taking orders and I was hoping the outcome would be completely different.


Luckily, I spotted another Road House only 2 minutes down the road – the ‘Glassy’s Hat Hotel and Roadhouse’.  Apart from the hotel, it was well maintained and it begged me to have a quick stop to see if there was a “REAL” coffee machine.  As soon as I spotted the machine I knew my luck had changed because either they could make a great coffee OR I would climb over the counter and make myself one!  (LOL)

One Awesome Coffee in the Making

The staff were extremely friendly, and while there was an absence of wildlife and figurines to pose with, there was a beautiful rustic garden with custom crafted tables to sit at.

Custom Crafted Tables
Rustic View


The outcome to this adventure was an 100% AWESOME coffee which meant that everything from that point on was going to be 120% AWESOME!  It is amazing what a cup of good coffee could make to a day! (That should be a bumper sticker)



Personally, when you see a wishing-well to raise funds for the Flying Doctors, you know this place has their heart in the right place.  No pun attending.

Of course our journey continues in search of the turn off to Cervantes.  But, with GREAT coffee in hand – no distance is too great or too far! 😉

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