Okay Weekend Wanderers…if you are looking to do something interesting this weekend which is NOT Valentine related AND you have a dog…then you may be interested in visiting this amazing place.

There is an amazing Dog Beach just off Whitords Ave.

Hillary's Animal Exercise Park

What makes this place amazing!

  • If you love dogs you will love seeing the array of dogs on the beach. From little ones to big ones, you can basically find almost every breed enjoying a social gather with their Canine Friends.  What I loved most about this beach was watching the dogs faces light up as soon as their little paws hit the sand.
Some find it just a little too chilly and scary
  • The water is great for swimming.  Of course you will be swimming  with a few four legged friends, but that is more of a honor than  anything else.




  • Take a ball or a dog toy with you, even if you don’t have a dog.  If there is one way to become a Canine Friend – is to bring something they love! Of course, make sure the owners don’t mind you playing with their dog.  Most owners don’t but you just never know.
  • Do not put your towel on the ground near a pole.  Of course this is bit of an obvious one but I was so excited to see a beach filled with dogs that I just plonked my towel at the nearest location.  It happened to be near a pole…..which was also the peeing station. 🙂


  • When you meet a new dog, do not pat it straight a way.  Check
    with the owner if you can pat it, and always extend your hand out
    with your fingers tucked under your palm.  In this way, if they
    dog does snap, it doesn’t snap your fingers.
  • If you own a dog, take some doggie doo-doo bags!  I love dogs, but I don’t really enjoy walking in their poo pies.  Dogs can not clean    up after themselves, so owners please be courteous of other
    users of the beach.20160206_171952
  • Take a camera.  You will see dogs in pursuit of happiness!  Pun Intended.

Other information:

They have toilets and showers to clean sand off dogs and ……. the owner!  There is also plenty of parking.  The best time to visit this beach from what I was told is early morning.  So, of course I set the clock for “early wake up” and made my way to the beach.

Early Morning Swim
Early Morning Swim…Dogs are already out.


Of course, you can’t end a blog like this with just photos…so enjoy the little video clip I created!  😉


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