Cervantes Beach

There are a number of beaches in Cervantes.  The most popular are by the caravan park.  However, there is another beach at the Look Out Point which offers you great views, great swimming and of course the opportunity to go to a secluded island if you have the right equipment.

The beach at LookOut Point


With fires raging in the distance, we could feel the temperature on the shore.  After setting up tents, a swim was a much needed prescription.



There was not a soul in sight.  We felt like we had just inherited our own little island.  The water was cool – the perfect temperature for swimming on a hot day.  However, as soon as we wandered just a few seconds from the water we soon feel the heat which I would guess was close to 40 degree Celsius.

The Beach at LookOut Point

Apart from our own little inheritance of uninhabited beachland, the water was clear and shallow.  If it was not for the thought of sharks in the darker water, I would have been tempted to swim to the nearby island.  (note: take a kayak with you)  Unfortunately I did not take a pic of this little island in hopes to save this adventure by kayak.

This beach should definitely be on your ‘bucket list’ of things to do.  It can get windy, however the early mornings and late afternoon are generally calmer.  Here is to you enjoying your piece of paradise! 😉




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