The Lobster Shack

The last time we were here, we thoroughly enjoyed the service and the meal.  However, in a short period of time we noticed a difference and we suspect that this little shack now has new owners.

Lobster Shack this way

The reception at the shop was significantly different to a level where we were interrupting something else that was more important.  While we looked at the stock we felt steely eyes rushing us to make a decision.   Upon further ‘look ‘n see’ we noticed that we could have a meal on site.  However, our wonderful staff personal informed us that this service was no longer available.  It was 3:30 and service of hot meals ended at 3 pm.  Of course I informed her that there was no mention of this on any of the marketing material.

Lobster Size D+


We turned our attention to the fridge which had lobsters packages with A, B, C, D or E. Only A and B were available for sale with the price starting at $40.00 and rising $5.00 for every size there after. We asked about the larger sizes to which we were told that we would have to have a live one and she preferred not to sell this size to us.

Of course, by this point we were in the mind to leave, however we promised the kids the chance to taste lobster, and true to our word we regretfully continued with the transaction.

Meet the Locals

While this experience would be the last one we would have, I made a point not to have one person (who obviously hated her job and was having a bad day) and venue ruin our whole experience.  As a result, we made our way to the tent for an evening meal of lobster and salad.  Of course, a better meal than one that we could have had at the Shack itself.

Personally,  the prices for the portions sold was  excessive.  We worked out that out that the lobster was selling for about $120.00 a kg.  However, if you want Lobster then price won’t mean a thing!  All frozen Lobsters are, apparently, steamed on the day and sold pre-cooked.  So if you are thinking lobster, salad and champagne on the beach while watching the sun set – then all the hard yards of cooking is – DONE!  😉


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