Weekend Wanderers 2

February is by far one of the most spectacular months in Perth. Temperatures average about 35 degree Celsius with wind on some days (mostly in the evening).

So, as it is such an amazing month, I thought we can finish the leap year month off with a wander to Whitford Beach.   This Beach can be found moments past Hillary’s Harbor, if you are heading north.


The pick of the week is mostly because the beaches are soft, white and clean.  The swim area has a large shallow area, with not seaweed or rocks to be found anywhere which makes a perfect spot for families with small children.


The sun can be pretty fierce during this time of the year, so either take an umbrella or hat and sunscreen.  Of course sunglasses will keep the glare at bay!  😉


While it is a great beach for swimming where you can swim and do handstands, I can not rate this as the best beach in town.  However, it does rank in the Top 10 for all the above reasons.


If the weekend weather report is looking good then you may wish to add this location to your weekend adventures.  Don’t forget water and if you are staying all day, take some snacks.  Remember to clean up after your day so that wildlife and native fauna do not have to suffer the result of ingesting any foreign material.

Don't forget sunscreen, hat, umbrella, towel and water
Don’t forget sunscreen, hat, umbrella, towel and water




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