Sandy Cape

Sandy Cape can be found north of Jurien Bay which is about 25 km north of Cervantes.


While you can access this beach with a normal 2 wheel drive, I would recommend a 4 wheel drive due to the uneven road surface on route to this secluded beach side.


Sandy Cape offers camping opportunities for both mobile homes and tents.  It has toilets and this location is quickly snapped up over weekends and holidays.


If you are looking for a private little beach with transparent turquoise water then you have found it.  Unfortunately there was an abundance of jelly fish which put a question mark on swimming!  As it was a particularly hot day I decided to brave the bloom (a name given to a group of jelly fish) and maze my way through to the deeper side where there were apparently no jelly fish.


Much like the story of Little Red Riding Hood, I used a snorkel and mask to see better with!  To everyone’s surprise I found the deep end had about the same amount of jellyfish as the shallow end, which created a quick evacuation of the swim area.  However, in hindsight, the observation of the jelly fish was quite spectacular as I saw long tentacles with a box type shape at the top that pulsated to create a forward motion.  I guess I could tick that off the ‘unknown list of adventures – swum with jelly fish and did not get stung!


Sandy Cape offers one the opportunity to venture up its dunes.  Of course a little stamina is needed, however once at the top – the view is spectacular!



With every uphill travel there is always a downhill thrill, and these dunes are not exception to the rule.   This little bay is perfect for SUP (Stand Up Paddle), kayaking and fishing.  I would love to say swimming but I can’t hang my hat on that hook for the moment! 😉


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