29 Things to Do in Perth for the 29th February

To celebrate the 29th February – which only happens once very four years and this year being THE year – I have created a list of 29 things to do in Perth.  See how many YOU can tick off today but bare in mind – quality is better than quantity! 😉

  1.   Margaret River Chocolate Factory :  Okay – not the beach but chocolate is AWESOME if it is for free.  Margaret River Chocolate Factory is the only place I know where you can taste their chocolate for free.  With 3 massive bowls one can spoon handfuls of white, milk and dark chocolate into your hand and walk around looking at other chocolate goodies.  Apart from the chocolate which will make you want seconds, they make a really good cup of coffee and have a full menu you can order from.  You have a choice of either sitting inside or outside both which offers you the option to view the vineyards.  Of course the inside option gives you a front row seat to watching custom chocolates being created one by one! west-swan-road71
  2.   The Vines Golf Resort:  The Vines Resorts has 2 sets of 18 holes (ie 36 holes) with each being uniquely different.  They also have a driving range, a short game area and a putting green.  Of course – all for the avid golfer.  However, if golf is not your fancy you may be interested in the bars and cafes they have – especially the one with a pool!  BUT – this is NOT the reason I would send you in this direction.  The main reason is Kangaroos!  Every played golf with a Kangaroo?  You can check that one off your list.  What about seeing a little roo playing on the Tee Box!  Yeah – this is where THE wildlife is – and the perfect time to visit is either early morning or near the end of the day.  Get that camera ready!  oz 005
  3. Whiteman Park:  As you are in the Swan Valley area you may as well head down to Whiteman Park. It has over 4000 hectares for you to explore and hosts a bunch of activities from up-close and personal feeding experiences with wildlife at the Caversham Wildlife Park to the Children’s Forest.  There is tons to do here, so I can see this activity taking at least a day (if not longer)  Click on Whiteman Park for more information.

    Western Australian Birds of Prey hosts Flights Displays which you can book directly with them.
  4.  GamBoc Gallery:  This is one of those hidden gems you don’t see on the “Tourist Guides”.  GamBoc Gallery has an array of outdoor Sculptures that you can view without hefty entrance fees.  From my last experience, entrance to this park was free.  Apart from this, they also host monthly exhibits of local, national or international artists.  IMG_2201
  5.  SpeedDome Velodrome:  There are only a few indoor Velodromes around the world and Perth hosts one of them which has hosted the a number of international events over the years.  One can generally see cyclists train during the day through the week with some evenings hosting training sessions or races. IMG_1276
  6.  Guildford Grammar School:  Guildford Grammar School was built in the early 1900’s.  It is the home to one of the most amazing churches with most of the original stained glass windows in tack.  Of course, you won’t find this on the normal tourist list, however a drive-by will leave you breathless.  Apart from the school, the town has a surreal art/craft feel to it.  One can easily pick any cafe on the main road and enjoy coffee under beautiful trees. giving you the feeling that you are momentarily in France.
  7. Bell Tower: This is a quintessential experience that any visitor should have.  The Bell Tower is found in Perth City by Riverside Drive and the new Elizabeth Quay.  One will need to pay a fee to go up the tower to see the city from a different angle, however – if budget is tight – you can survey the tower from the ground up.

    Bell Tower
    Bell Tower
  8.  Cycling Along the River:  ‘About Bike Hire’ and ‘Cycle Center’ have bikes to hire.  Each business offers you a range of options and bikes.  The former has a quad bicycle you can cycle casually up the side of the river on specially designated foot paths.  This will give you the chance to take some amazing photos.  Cycle Center has conventional bicycles that allow you to travel a lot further if you want to see more than just part of the city! Which ever business you choose to hire a bicycle, the experience is well worth it.
  9. Kayak on Swan River:  About Bike Hire has kayaks you can hire where you can paddle on the Swan River.  Most of my paddle experience is on the ocean side, and this is something I will be doing this year to get a sense of what is truly like.  However, I can just imagine this to be an epic experience as this river is also home to the River Dolphins which make their debut on a frequent basis.  Kayak with River Dolphins?  Priceless!20160224_091232
  10.  WA Museum:  The WA Museum updates its exhibits frequently, so you can never get bored of their displays.  They have an amazing interactive kids section plus and in depth historical sector that covers an array of areas.  The WA Museum can be found in Perth City off Museum Road.  It has an amazing cafe with a beautiful garden which is currently being renovated.
  11. WA State Library:  Right next to the WA Museum is the WA State Library with over 3 floors of displays and information.  It is an open plan designed, allowing people to view almost every aspect of the library from any floor.  It is well worth the visit.20160218_103423[1]
  12.  Maritime Museum: Found in Fremantle, this museum has one of the most amazing architectural designed building with a history of maritime history which includes original displays of the America’s Cup Yacht Race. 20151031_131055
  13.  The Prison:  The Prison was constructed by convicts between 1851 and 1911.  One can view parts of the prison for free, however if you want to see more history and how it was back in the 19th century, one can book a Guided Tour.  For a more Eerie experience you can book an evening tour.  fremantle-prison21
  14. Sky Wheel Fremantle:  Found in the Esplanade Park, this is adventure of a life time that will give you a panoramic view of Fremantle and the Bay.  The Sky Wheel was build in 2007, is 40 meters high and has 24 gondolas.  One right can last between 7 and 8 minutes.  IMG_5875
  15. Fremantle Arts Center:  This is one of the most historic and diverse building that I have seen.  Apart from exhibits than change frequently, there is an amazing outdoor garden with cafe.  Don’t forget to stop in at the Shop which has an array of items to choose from for your own personal collection.
  16.  WWII Tunnels: The Leighton Battery, found in Mosman Park, is the home to the World War II Tunnels.  It is open every Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm which means that you may not be able to do this on the 29th but it can still be part of the 29 things to do if you decide to do this activity on the 28th February.  Tours commence every half hour with entrance fee payable at the venue.
  17.  Sculpture by the Sea:  Cottoesloe Beach is the home to the famous display of Sculptures by the Sea.  During the year there will be permanent attractions, however March is when they will have two weeks of amazing displays for the public to see.  Of course, my may not see everything on the 29th, however if you stay another week, there is a chance to see something creatively amazing!
  18.  Parliament House:  The Parliament House can be found off Hay Street just outside of the Perth CBD.  They have tours through the week which you need to book for.  However, you have a walk around the exterior which will give you views of the building, the grounds, Perth City and possibly a well known politician.20160212_104818
  19. Kings Park:  Kings Park is just over 4 square kilometers of land which host a range of sites to see from the Aboriginal Museum to the Botanical Gardens.  Access to the Park is free, however there may be a fee to different venues such as the Botanical Gardens.

    Where would you like to go in King's Park today?
    Where would you like to go in King’s Park today?
  20. WACA Grounds:  The home of Western Australian Cricket, these Grounds can be found near the bottom end of Hay street, the opposite direction to the Parliament House.  If you love cricket you will love to see this amazing venue.  If no game is being played, you may only see a small part of the grounds, so keep an eye out for the next cricket game of a closer inspection.
  21. Perth Mint:  This is the place where the money is made and was established as part of the British Royal Mint in 1899.  The Perth Mint refines gold, creates commemorative coins, and offers a variety of investment bars.  This is one of the most frequently visited buildings in Perth!
  22. Perth Zoo:  The Perth Zoo is the home to many native and international fauna and flora.  It was opened in 1891 on over 41 acres of land.  There are a range of ‘close encounters’ you can have from black cockatoos to rhinos.IMG_5096
  23. Cygnet Cinema: I place this cinema on the list because it is one of the few cinemas that take you back to the day movies original came out.  It was recently purchased by Grand Cinemas who also renovated the building however most of the older exterior can be viewed and experienced during your visit.
  24. Rottnest Island:  The Rottnest just off the shore of Perth, and travel to this venue will require a ferry.  Rottnest acquired its name from when Dutch  Sailors landed on the Island and saw quokka which they thought were rats.  As Quokka create little tunnels, they believed that it was an island filled with rat’s nest, hence Rottnest.  Rottnest is a beautiful island with a range of things to do, see and experience.  One can take a ferry from Fremantle or Hillary Harbour.  rottnest-island
  25.  Penguin Island:  This can be found off Safety Bay just outside of Rockingham.  One can walk across the sand bar when the tide is out however it is not recommended as tidal patterns change quickly.  Outside of walking, the best way is to take a boat to the island where you can observe penguins up close and personal.
  26.  Aqwa Aquarium:  Found by Hillary’s Harbor, this is a venue where you can see marine life up close and personal.  Aqwa offers a few adventures of their own which includes swimming with sharks, reef walking and whale watching.
  27.  Hillary’s Harbor:  After a long day out, you will most probably be hungry.  Hillary’s Harbor offers you the Sorrento Quay which has an array of restaurants to choose from.   With a man made ocean swimming pool, you may also be tempted to take a dip.     IMG_0344
  28.  Government House & Garden:  Found right in the middle of the city, the Government hose offers visitors the opportunity to view the premises.  With building taking place from 1860’s this is one of the most historical buildings in Perth. The Government schedules open days where visitors can look around.  This year it is planned for the 15 May 2016 between 11 am and 3 pm.  Entry is free.20160224_085540
  29.  Elizabeth Quay:  Recently built, the Elizabeth Quay can be found off Riverside Drive.  It has an array of activities for people to do.  Currently, only parts of the Quay are open with building still commencing until completion.  It was opened on 29th January 2016,.

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