Weekend Wanderers 4 – Fremantle

Perth has entered into Autumn.  It is official!  The hot, windless weather begins to cool.  Trees begin to take shape showing shades of gold, orange and yellow.  And of course, with Autumn right here – we may as well enjoy it in one of the most scenic towns in Perth which also happens to have a long lineage tied to it.


Fremantle was named after the Captain of the HMS Challenger that sailed into this area around 1829.  There are many buildings that date back to this era and are protected by the Heritage Law which forbids anyone to demolish a building that is recognized to have heritage.  As a result, visitors will have the privilege to see 21st century business meet 19th century art!


This weekend, Weekend Wanderers, can spend their weekend in this retro town experiencing a up-close encounter with century old history.  One can find little allys that are recreated into rustic cafes decorated with art-deco.



How to get here:


Follow any road signs to Fremantle from the city, however the best road to take is the West Coast Road South.  There is plenty of parking along streets and in parking lots.  One can also take a train, and enjoy a wander along the Esplanade which is line with Museums and Galleries.


Of course, don’t forget to take your camera and if you do happen to travel here on a Saturday, keep a look out for the local market!  Enjoy the weekend!




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