Kangaroo Point

There are many interesting roads that run off the Indian Ocean Drive.  Many of these roads leads to almost little places which don’t see much of visitors.  Although some are set expecting a party of invitees, and lay waiting for the big day of celebration.


On route to Kangaroo Point are a few small roads which, for me, always begs for a ‘look-see’.  One of these roads lead to some Dunes which can be seen on the left hand side of Indian Ocean Drive when drive up to Cervantes.


With so much to experience, it was park and go!  There were no other footprints (other than older prints of a kangaroo) to be seen, so I marched forward to have a look around.  It looked like it was once a land filled with shrubs and bushes.  Over the years wind blew sand that slowly covered this terrain making it desert like.


We continued our voyage to towards Kangaroo point to find a beach that was mixed with decaying Seaweed and sand.  With any decay there is always a smell, and this smell reminded me of a mixture of sulphur with off shore salty wind.


The waters were shallow, enough to paddle in.  However, you could easily see underlying seaweed that danced rhythmically in the ocean water.


One of the interesting points I found about this coast line that it allows for 4×4 wheel drives.  In fact, there is a route along the beach line that takes one from Cervantes all the way to Lancelin.


Apart from the amazing shoreline, there is an an abundance of flora.  My favorite is what I called Wild Figs.  There are succulent look, these plants can produce the most scrumptious meal when dry.  I can only describe this taste as something similar to the flavor found on Sweet and Sour Pork/Chicken!


There is a sheltered area for those wishing to have a little picnic by the beach.  There is a BBQ, however I do not know if it works.  So prepare for a picnic instead of cooking your ‘catch’ by the beach.


There are toilet facilities, however they do not have flushing capabilities.  They are, what I term, a long drop toilet.  However, if you need to go – I don’t think one would question the options.


Of course I could not finish this article with the wonders of what you may find looming in trees or on corners of buildings.  So, if you do visit at night – make sure you take a torch because if you feel something crawling up you leg – there probably is! 😉



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