Weekend Wanderers – Hillary Harbour

Hillary Harbor is a fun festive setting that offers visitors a range of activities from a swim in a home made ‘lagoon’ slash harbor to a slow meandering walk along Sorrento Quay.


The ‘lagoon’ itself has a man-made beach area with a park for kids to play on.  The gradient into the deeper section is  very gradual making this a perfect spot for those with small children.

Sand Creators....you never know what you will see at Hillary's Harbor!
SandArt Creators….you never know what you will see at Hillary’s Harbor!

One can often see SUP and kayaks glide gracefully along the water offering newbies to the sport, the opportunity to gain confidence while within the security of man-built walls.



Surrounding the outer edge of the harbor are grasslands with tiered stairs to accommodate for beach-land picnics. BBQ’s offer the opportunity to cook a sea-side meal and have it on tables provided.


I enjoy Hillary Harbour at evening time.  The lights off Sorrento quay reflect off the water offering any photographer the perfect opportunity to capture a very special moment.


The covered boardwalk area offers protection against rain which makes this a perfect venue to enjoy a winter meal or drink.  Personally, I enjoy a good cup of coffee while looking over the Harbor.  There are plenty of venues where you can obtain a coffee but if you are looking for something a little more substantial there are plenty of restaurants to choice from.



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