Stromalites at Lake Thetis

Lake Thetis can be found just a few minutes outside of Cervantes.  It is one of the few lakes where one can observe Stromalites.




Stromalites (layered rock) are caused by blue/green algae called cyanobacteria.  They form colonies by attracting sediment to their sticky surface.  Over years, mounds are created within special water areas. However, to find out some more amazing facts about Stromalites and other places you can see them you can visit this ARTICLE.27



Lake Thetis has a iron mesh walkway which visitors can walk on, without disturbing hundreds/thousands of years of growth.  This walkway takes you partially around the Lake so you can see a range of Stromalites of different sizes.



The walkway blends into a single track gravel path which is lined with native shrubs and bushes.  As I was walking in the Summer Season, I decided to pay careful attention to any lower movement that may result from snakes (namely a Tiger Snake or a Dugite)  Both are venomous and if bitten will require emergency treatment.


Lucky for me, there was no presence of snakes in this area however I had the most amazing experience to see a lone Kangaroo snacking on some luscious grass.  As I was the ONLY person visiting the lake, a moment like this is mesmerizing.  I must have spent at least 10 minutes sharing this amazing experience with this Kangaroo.


With the sun setting, I began to make my way back but not before I took some photos of some busy ants. What I found amazing about these ants is that that were bigger than the bull ants I have seen in Perth.  I had absolutely no intention to get bitten by one which I could only imagine be twice the pain as a bull ant’s bite.


Further up the pathway, on route to my lonely little car, I felt this thump and shudder through the path.  It was too light for an earthquake, so I quickly looked around.  Suddenly, out of no-where, two kangaroos came bouncing past me.  Personally, you could not have asked for a better experience.

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