Weekend Idea – TOP 5 Beaches to Visit during Summer in W.A. (B List North of the River)

Western Australia has one of the most amazing coastlines in the world.  Many areas have soft white sand, transparent water (who said Tahiti had the only piece of paradise), and the best part:  many beaches are secluded giving you the sense that this is YOUR piece of Paradise right here on Earth!

So what makes a great beach:

  1.  Accessible
  2. Has Parking
  3. Fairly Private
  4. Soft Sand
  5. Clear Water
  6. Gradual gradient with shallow area for paddling
  7.  BONUS POINTS:  Has Toilets/BBQ/Picnic Area

No. 5    Whitford Beach

Just north of Hillary’s Boat Harbour, Whitford has a gradual gradient with clear water.  It is accessible, and while it is not entirely private, it  has parking.  There are no toilets/BBQ/Picnic Area, so this beach does not get bonus points however one can launch a kayak from the beach.


No. 4   Marmion Beach

This beach can be found just past the Marmion Angler Club as you travel to Hillary’s Boat Harbor.  It is accessable, has parking, and has a bench to where you can watch the sun set (possible have a picnic)*bonus and also has soft sand.  When the water is calm it offers a great paddling spot, however during windy and rough conditions the waves will be rough, so take out the bogie board!   The gradient varies according to the waves that sometimes create a little ‘deepish dip’ which shallows out again.  It is No. 4 mostly because it is fairly private.

The LookOut at Marmion Beach
The LookOut at Marmion Beach

No. 3      Yanchep Lagoon

Why I love this beach?  It has it’s own rock type pool in which you can swim AND a paddle area perfect for little kids. It is accessible but not entirely private as others seem to love this beach too. (However – it also depends when you visit because some days are a lot quieter)

It has soft white sand and with a rock pool section allows explorers to look at marine life – UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL! The bonus feature is that there is a cafe which means you don’t need a picnic basket.  There are changing rooms/toilets and showers which is always perfect after a day on a sandy beach.

Yanchep Lagoon
Yanchep Lagoon

No. 2   Iluka Beach

I cannot believe I am writing about my little secret spot.  This spot is known by the locals so if you are travelling through Perth you will definitely miss this one.  BUT – now that you know about it – you should put it on your list of places to see.


Iluka Beach is a Marine reserve.  It has two gazebos on the beach where you can either leave you things or camp out for the day.  Because it has mostly rocks and coral, it forms a series of natural ‘sea auqariums’ which means you can wade to waist deep with a mask and see an array of fish.  There are stingrays that visit infrequently!  This would be a real treat if you are observer marine life for the day!


The wind can blow in this area making it pretty choppy, so in this event you may wish to use any one of the rock paddle paddle pools which is about 3 foot deep at most.  You will find these “pools” on the left of the beach as you descend down the stairs.

If you VISIT please take your ‘trash’ back with you. There are no bins so someone has to clean up you mess!


HOW TO GET HERE:  If you are driving along the West Coast Road you will find it will turn into Whitford Ave.  There is a parking lot at the intersection of Whitford Ave and Shenton Ave.  It will be a small parking lot which can hold about 12 cars at the most.  Take the brown paved pathway that leads all the way to the beach.  You know you are there when you see the wooden stairs…get your camera ready.

BEST TIME OF DAY TO GO:  Early morning up until 11 am ish!  I am not entirely sure of winter conditions, but will update this later this year.

OTHER FEATURES:  It has a shower at the top of the stairs….but NO toilets.    There may be toilets further up the road heading north.

No. 1  Cervantes Beach

Yup, it made number 1.  Who would think?  Cervantes Beach/Beaches has amazing soft sand.  Look Out Point has shallow water which allows for great swimming.  When it is windy, you can Kite Surf or Wind Surf and possibly visit the ‘secret island’ #slightjealous

Amazing Sunsets
Amazing Sunsets

The main beach by the jetty has sheltered areas where you can spend most the day and not all of it in the sun.  The swimming area has a marginal gradient which means you can wade in for a while for the water to hardly go over your mid-thigh!  (I am 6 foot 1….so that might give you an idea how deep the ‘deep end is’)

One of the beaches found at Cervantes
One of the beaches found at Cervantes

Of course it gets deeper, however you would need to swim MUCH further out in the bay.  I spotted some dolphins swimming in this area TWICE.  Sorry – forgot the camera.  There are also sting rays that come to the shallow end near the end of the day for a little feed and play.  I swam with some keeping enough distance for them to leave when they wanted.  Some came right up to me – it did raise the heart beat but it was also THE most amazing experience EVER!

One of the Stingrays I had the awesome chance to swim with
One of the Stingrays I had the awesome chance to swim with

INFORMATION about STINGRAYS:  Stingrays are naturally curious creatures.  You can swim with them HOWEVER, if they feel threatened they will curl their tail and a barb will show.  In this case….get well out of their way!

HOW TO GET THERE:  You can take the Indian Ocean Drive or the Brand Highway from Perth.  The  latter will add time to your driving.  There are road signs all the way to Cervantes

BEST TIME TO GO:  I found Cervantes had two GREAT times to swim.  Early morning was normally quieter and late afternoons.  HOWEVER, it was also flick of a coin.  The locals say that it is a windy town, however with shallow water  means swim whether windy or NOT!

OTHER INFORMATION: Apart from the swim area, there is a park for kids to play in, BBQ’s, tables, toilets/showers AND a cafe!


So – there you have it!  The B list!  Why the B list and North of the River?  Well, Western Australia is AMAZING. I have only seen a small part of its magical coastlines and all of the above is north of the Swan River.  The A list can only be made after one sees the whole coast line – which is fair don’t you think?









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    1. Hi Anne. Just visited you blog and left a comment. You have an amazing site. Yes – I made the same mistake. It really is pretty. An underwater camera would also be handy! 😉

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