Cabaret Caves

The Cabaret Caves can be found in Yanchep National Park.  It is one of the few natural environment which one can hire for a banquet, wedding or any other dining experiences.  Every cent, in my opinion, would be worth the investment.


The Cabaret Caves was created in 1932 offering work opportunity to many unemployed people that were struggling through the Great Depression.   Stairs and interior were created from natural rock creating an ambiance like no other.


I found the Cabaret Caves very exciting.  I had read that many parties were held in the caves during the Great Depression which help pay for workers that built it.  I could not help but imagine the clash between two classes; one which tried keep food on their family tables while others spent time carelessly without a worry in the world.  In some bazaar way – time really has not changed in that respect.

A quick capture through bars of an empty cave that once thrived with life!
On the day I visited it was hot and humid.  Areas of the cave were boarded up giving an obvious indication that no visitors were welcome past that point.  Zephyrs blowing through the trees  gave an eerie feeling that someone, or something, was watching.


While dinner tickets to this venue cannot be purchased, I could not help but wonder what it would be like to have dinner in a cave that held so much history.  I guess I may just keep an eye out for a moment like this without having to hire the entire cave out just for the experience.

However, as a passer-by – one can visit these caves with out any extra fees outside of the entry fee to Yanchep National Park!




3 thoughts on “Cabaret Caves”

    1. That is a shame! The idea of booking out the venue came to mind – but that would also include selling tickets to this function. It is possible! 😉

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