Eden Beach

There is a beautiful new area and beach being created just north of Perth.  In fact it is just north of Clarkson, and would take anyone travelling from the CBD of Perth about 45 minutes by car.


Eden Beach has a long stretch of beautiful white soft sand that blends into a turquoise ocean that curls softly over un-pampered shoreline.  Each footprint I made sunk into the soft coastal sand like warm butter.  The water was cool and refreshing.  If I had my bathing suit I would have taken a quick dip but I left that thought to my imagination.



Even though the beach is new, there is beach access with loads of parking.  Beacuse of this, there are no lifeguard services so take care while swimming.  On my ‘quick-see’ tour I saw a person exit the beach with fishing roads and bucket of his catch.  I thought this idea would be very quaint given the newness of the setting!



There are no toilets, showers or cafes near this area, however with the new development it will only be a matter of time before these facilities are available.


If you plan for a visit take water, sunscreen, towel, hat, phone and camera.  Of course, the idea of kayaking did come to mind especially with 3 little islands in the distance just begging for a visit


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