S.E.A. Aquarium

I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to see the S.E.A. Aquarium. I had the choice of many attractions but this one was by far worth ever cent and every second!


As we were limited on time, we calculated the time it would take to see the Aquarium so that we can add a few more things to the day.  As we have been to many aquariums in the past, we used our past experience to calculate that we would probably take about 2 hours.   This was probably the worse calculations we have done to date which made me realize that an experience should never be based on time!


The S.E.A. Aquarium is known to be the largest aquarium in the world.  When one thinks LARGE you think size but I would recommend that you go beyond this and think more along the amount of sea life you can see – UP CLOSE & PERSONAL.



The journey through the S.E.A. Aquarium starts with a walk through history.  I felt like a kids with only one goal in mind – to see the sharks!  But, as time was limited AND this would be the only time I can learn something new I held back my urge to “run” and walked patiently through the history/culture.


It was lucky that I did,  as I may have quite easily run past the “Real Experience of a Typhoon”.  This was definitely an unique experience and while I was allowed to take photos in the beginning, no photos were allowed during the ‘typhoon’  experience.  It was well worth the $2.00.


After the show was finished I was expecting to see the sharks.  We walked through a passage way and before me was a huge circular tank.  I thought – “Is this the biggest aquarium – surely NOT!”


While taking photos, the family decided to walk ahead.  My youngest came running back to tell me that the sharks are just ahead.  Of course, walking was no option at this point and I instantly became an Olympic Walking Champion as I darted through the crowd.

IMG_5568 IMG_5565

I stopped momentarily at the entrance of the Sharks.  It was all that I saw on YouTube AND more.  I looked up through the curved glass tunnel structure to see sharks of all shapes and sizes.  I was thrilled to see Scalloped Hammerheads, Silvertips, Sand Sharks and so much more.  Of course – while the thought of seeing a GREAT WHITE was intriguing I knew that no great white has survived in captivity.  And rightfully so!


I must have spent a good part of my time just enjoying the scenery.  While many tourist were displaying fear – I patiently sat on the lower wall edge to feel the presence of these majestic animals.  Of course I felt 100% safe with them in the water and I was NOT! And the thought of the glass breaking did cross my mind BUT this it was just the normal re-run of a horror movie that I once saw!


With the family urging me to move forward, I finally said farewell to the sharks and continued our journey.  Each section of the Aquarium is created around different parts of the world from the Bay of Bengal to the South China Sea.



It was not long before I was faced with an aquarium of significant size.  As I stood in awe watching  fish swim as they would in their natural habitat, I could not help myself become just slightly annoyed at the kids slamming their hands against the glass.  What was even more annoying was that parents were encouraging this behavior.  Hopefully,  the SEA Aquarium will have staff discourage this behavior in the future.

IMG_5665 IMG_5627

We walked around to a quieter section to be surprised with a more personal experience.  It seemed that most of the tourist gathered around the largest part of the aquarium, however the best part was really ‘around the corner’.  I thought how significant is this message – it is literally what my blog is all about!



Once again, we stayed for a while just looking and observing marine life in its most natural state.  I could feel the clock ticking which I ignored deliberately.  We had only just begun our journey so surely the two hours was not up already?  And I was not going to look either.   Suddenly the list to do a few more things at the end of the day become shorter the more we just looked, observed and appreciated.


With gently nudging I was encourage to move along a few more tunnels.  My husband was eager to get moving but before me stood a partially lit hallway of the most amazing display of jelly fish.  The few more things to do on the list later the day had now vanished and so did the rest of the family.  While I went from one tank to another, the family had moved ahead and found a seat to wait for me.

_MG_5725 _MG_5724

I was grateful that they understood and accepted the moment I was in.  So while I was snapping photos ever moment I got, the kids found a new area of fascination – which they quickly ran back to tell me.


I arrived at a glass tiled floor where you can see fish swim under you.  It was quite amazing, and I thought this must be the interesting experience they were talking about.  However, before me was another room with glass where you can see dolphin swim.

This is fairly small in comparison to the rest of S.E.A. Aquarium.

When I finally surfaced from an awe-experiencing moment, that I could closely relate to a piece of heaven,  I looked at the clock.  It was closing time and we had just spent over 6 hours travelling through the Aquarium and I still felt cheated as I had not seen everything.

I would strongly advise that if you love nature, the ocean, marine life and everything in between, then give yourself at least a full day to appreciate the S.E.A. Aquarium.




2 thoughts on “S.E.A. Aquarium”

    1. Thanks Littleozentrepreneur…..I think it is definitely a must see…! Wouldn’t mind going there again…and thanks for the comment of photos etc. Really appreciate the feedback! 😉

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