Tin-Tin in China Town – Singapore

I love Tin-Tin.  Of course my affinity to space means I especially enjoy the ‘Destination Moon’.


Imagine my surprise when I saw an official Tin Tin shop in Chinatown of all places.  Chinatown is a place of cheap products, a place where tourist go to grab a local souvenir or gifts.


The thing that was odd about this shop was that it was not cheap at all.  A postcard was $2.50, a key chain was $12.00 and prices generally go up from that point on.  Compared to the prices on the streets, the Tin-Tin shop is like walking into a Prada.


It really does make sense to have a Tin-Tin shop in the middle of Chinatown.  This is the place that tourist come to buy things…and why not have place a shop of treasure right in among it.


Of course, if I was not on a tight budget and had more space in my back pack I would have left with something more than a key chain.  However, for now, photos will do and the memories of looking at every object will remain.

So, if you are in Chinatown…keep a look out for this little shop that will be tucked to side behind the ‘tent’ line!  It is well worth the visit!


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