Waihi’s Cornish Pumphouse

The Waihi Cornish Pumphouse can be found on the North Island east of Paeroa, New Zealand.  It is a relic of the old mine, built in 1904, which helped store steam and pumping machines.   The pumps were needed to remove increasing water as the miners dug deeper following the ‘gold trail’.

Picture 331


The drive to the Pumphouse is amazing as one travels through rural roads that twist through farmlands.  New Zealand is, in comparison to Western Australia, ever green.

I personally loved the little roads (I call adventurous detours) one can take along the way.  It is almost surreal to travel through country side with paddocks filled with either cows or sheep.  And little towns you pass through (or stop in my case) are quaint and filled with character.

Picture 308

I would suggest taking a picnic basket.  There are many areas you can find where you can enjoy a little snack or lunch such as parks or stop points!

Picture 310

The Pumphouse will also offer any photographer a beautiful opportunity to capture some exquisite opportunities.  Given the right light, I am sure one could make this century old building into a majestic masterpiece.

Picture 317


Make sure you set aside a day for this trip.  There are so many more things to see on your way to this amazing site!

2 thoughts on “Waihi’s Cornish Pumphouse”

    1. New Zealand is an amazing country to visit. Outside of being pretty there are tons of places likes this. 😉

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