Sentosa Island

Up until 31 December 2016, entry to Sentos Island is free via the boardwalk.  If you are on a VERY tight budget, Sentosa will offer you the opportunity to see the most of the Island for free.


While you will need to pay for attractions such as the S.E.A. Aquarium, Universal Studios, Cable Cars and other interesting activities, you are able to stroll around the island and enjoy most of the environment for free.


One of the wonders of Sentosa is the amount of amazing shopping opportunities you will find at a range of places.  I walked into the Hard Rock Hotel to find a Gold Bullion ATM Machine.  I have seen cash ATM’s but never before seen a Gold Bullion ATM.  So, upon further investigation of pressing buttons I chose a 10g bullion.  The fee:  $2500.00  #enoughsaid


Apart from the scores of shops with pricing ranging from the ‘pauper’ level to the elite level, I found Sentosa Island to be one of the most engaging hubs in the world.


And because they know that a range of tourist will be streaming into to see this island,  you can find a range of activities you can partake in without dishing out wads of notes.  The Trick Eye Museum had sculptures which allowed visitors to have a few snap shots.  There was also the Universal Globe which was accessible by all.  And, then you had access to major features for a quick pic such as the Sentosa Lake of Dream and the MerLion.


Near the end of the day, Sentosa offers visitors a light show where the MerLion  is the main feature..  It is a light display like no other, telling a story and keeping everyone mesmerized for at least 10 minutes.



Sentosa can keep you busy the whole day.  I suggest you take running shoes because you will be walking quite a bit.  And, while I would say FREE…I say this lightly because there will be times when you will need to replenish the energy which you can find from visiting places such as the Hard Rock Cafe, Starbucks and other little franchises.




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