Gardens by the Bay – Singapore

We took our first overseas family vacation in about 10 years and headed to Singapore for 3 days.  Of course, like all vacations of this nature, I do a little research on the things to see and do.  But halfway through I thought we would just ‘wing’ it and see things at the time we can see them.


By the time we reached the Gardens by the Bay it was our last day.  Our plane was leaving in the evening which meant we would need to check out and then take our hand luggage EVERYWHERE.



One of the challenges with Singapore weather is that it gets very hot.  It also rains – now and then – in the afternoon.  Of course for us, it was more now than then.



So with luggage in two, we checked out of the hotel and started our epic voyage on the hottest and most humid day in Singapore.


After a few detours, we made it to the Gardens of the Bay.  I was more interested in see HOW they created these amazing Super Grove trees than the Garden itself.  And with 2 of the 4 members deciding that it was better to stay back, the other 2 (including myself) made our way to the gardens.


Walking through the gardens is free.  I soon realized that I did NOT do my homework properly as my attention was placed more on the Super Grove Trees than the garden itself.  I soon learnt that the gardens were divided into an array of flora from all over the world.


While the walkthrough the gardens is free- the skyway for the Super Grove costs $5.00 per adult.  The is only one entry and one exit and no one can go back and re-walk it.  It is a one way walk only.


Of course, as it was our last adventure we decided to take the Skyway to see more of Singapore.  And while I would say that the experience was amazing, I have to say that the evening experience would probably be even better.


Apart from being created from concrete (and all other building materials), each tree had orchids growning up it.  I have always struggled to grow orchids so imagine having about 12 of these structures with orchids successfully growing up them.


If we had had more time, I would have given this adventure a full day. However, I am grateful in experiencing what I did in the short time we had.  It is definitely an experience that is on my ‘return and do’ list.

5 thoughts on “Gardens by the Bay – Singapore”

      1. Hiya Hummingbird > It’s business as per usual in China at the moment. The Chinese New Year is long gone and Beijing is as busy as ever. Gearing up for the summer now and heading off fingers crossed. 🙂

  1. It was surprisingly very interesting. Hopefully Singapore has made it back on the list of adventures for you! 😉

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