I have passed this little town a number of times.  It really is one of those towns that if you blink, you will pass it.  However,  today I made a purposeful stop – because I was the master of my own destiny! 😉


Situated about 40 minutes north east of Perth (along the Great Eastern Highway),  you will find Clackline just shy of Northam.


It has one post office/convenient store, and according to data it is the only store to supply the community Clackline with necessary products/produce since 1890.


There is a little walkway which will give you the opportunity to see the wildflowers  – if you are walking this trail during the right time of the year.


While I did not have enough time to have a good “look-see”  the area I did see was not only beautiful but also structured with a little humor.  Yes – they do have their own HillyBilly Ridge.


If you are traveling along the Great Eastern Highway towards Northam or from the Northam area to Perth – Clackline is well worth the stop and definitely a little off the beaten track!  Enjoy 😉

Read the next post (with pics) about longest water line in the world!



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