The LONGEST Water Line in the World

The Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail is the longest water pipeline in the world.  It dates by 100 years and supplies fresh water to towns from Mundaring to Kalgoorlie.


This pipeline is visible from the road and spans about 600 km!


Given that most of the mid-section of Western Australia is desert, building a pipeline of this magnitude makes a lot of sense.


Apart from being one of the major water source to many towns along the way, it is also a trail for mountain biking, hiking and and horse back riding.


Of course I don’t see myself walking 600 km or cycling it for that matter however it does remind me of a song by the Proclaimers called 500 miles! 😉  [I wonder if the love of his life lived in Kalgoorlie?]

There are a number of stops along the way where you can view this line, take a couple of photos and possibly have a little picnic.  Some parts of the pipeline are fenced off (for obvious reasons) however it still should not stop you from taking a few memorable shots!


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