Canola Fields and Edible Air

It is August and this is the perfect time of the year where fields and farms ripple with hues of yellow.

Goomaling...Half Way to Wongan Hills
Goomaling…Half Way to Wongan Hills

However, travel inland to the Wheatbelt terrain, and more importantly, to Wongan Hills, and you will be wowed with contrast of colors from yellows to greens.


If you are lucky, you have have a cloudy day which means the yellows are brighter with a grey-like backdrop.


The road to Wongan Hills is fairly quite.  Most farms are closed to the public, however you may find a few roads that will lead up between canola fields giving you the opportunity to capture a picture perfect moment.


Of course, yellow canola flowers attract bees.  So if you decided to stand among the flowers for a selfie moment, you may be accompanied by a few  unexpected (and possibly territorial) natives.


The fragrance that is released into the air is definitely scrumptious.  To me, it smelt like honey which I could taste with every breath I took.  Who needs to eat when you are breathing in food ?  [edible air]


The drive to Wongan Hills will take you at least two hours.  And the best time to visit is during August and possible September.  You can travel through Northam, however keep a watch out for the signage that says – Wongan Hills TURN left.

I seemed to have missed this one….which is another story for another day.



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