disappearing surfer in cottoesloe

The Disappearing Surfer

The thing about Cottoesloe and the coastal area around it, is the expanse of sculptures that present themselves in true ‘Perthonian’  form.  From experience, I have seen a range of sculptures decorate the coastline and most often, seem to change on an annual schedule. As a result, I hope that by the time you read this article, this sculpture will still be there.

It’s original name is called ‘Pause’ created by April Pine.  I initially saw a Surfing Silhouette standing looking at the sea.  Instinctively I thought ‘Cool, a surfer’.  But as we drove past, I noticed the figure disappear.  Notably – I had to stop.

Sculpture by the Sea surfer disappers scuplture

What stood before me was a very well designed sculpture made from metal sheets, that were places cleverly in perfect size and form, to give any visitor the impression it is a surfer looking at the sea.

It is only when you drive past that you will see the sculpture blend into the sea and horizon, as if the surfer disappears before your eyes.

Pause sculpture by the Sea

A sculpture like this is a must to ‘sea’. (pun intended)  To find this ‘Pause’ it is located on the Fremantle side of Cottoesloe.

If you missed it, then I hope these photos suffice!  However, on a final note – the artist, April Pine,  sells smaller versions of this sculpture.

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