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Sealed with a Kiss

Just off the coast of Safety Bay you will find Seal Island.  This is the home to a herd of Australian Sea Lions which is also listed as a threatened species. Seals, from personal experience, are te…

Source: Sealed with a Kiss



I have passed this little town a number of times.  It really is one of those towns that if you blink, you will pass it.  However,  today I made a purposeful stop – because I was the master of my own destiny! 😉


Situated about 40 minutes north east of Perth (along the Great Eastern Highway),  you will find Clackline just shy of Northam.


It has one post office/convenient store, and according to data it is the only store to supply the community Clackline with necessary products/produce since 1890.


There is a little walkway which will give you the opportunity to see the wildflowers  – if you are walking this trail during the right time of the year.


While I did not have enough time to have a good “look-see”  the area I did see was not only beautiful but also structured with a little humor.  Yes – they do have their own HillyBilly Ridge.


If you are traveling along the Great Eastern Highway towards Northam or from the Northam area to Perth – Clackline is well worth the stop and definitely a little off the beaten track!  Enjoy 😉

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Alkimos Beach

Alkimos Beach can be found about 40 minutes north of Perth, depending on traffic.

24 Hours Surveillance

Alkimos is a new development which has huge potential.  If you were looking at purchasing an investment property, or even a home away from the busy city, then you may want to consider this little place.

When we arrived to have a little “look-see” we could not help but feel that we were in a movie set.  Most the houses were empty, waiting for someone to move in/to buy. Somme where still being built, and some roads where blocked off for new development.

The beach was my first port of call to see what it is like now and the potential of what it could be in the future – given that it is called Alkimos BEACH.


Of course, we were welcomed with a sign which stated that we would need to travel a distance to see it.


I could not help but wonder what it would be like IF someone was to walk this distance with kids?  I knew that this journey would end up with a least one person unhappy and probably not a great start to the day?  I could imagine getting there and someone said that they need to go to the bathroom?  However, as I was determined to see what was on the other side of the hill I made it a mission to experience this journey.

The ocean….just moments away

The beach itself was deserted.  I could imagine NEON sign saying “VACANCY”.  In fact I am sure I saw that sign coming into the town.  How exciting to be one of the first people on the beach before others in the future.



Of course the tires marks were a sure give away that there were other travelers.  In spite of signs saying NO MOTORBIKES there were still some there.  I just missed one as it came zooming past.  NOW THAT was definitely in a movie scene!


There were still some areas that needed some fixing.  But as it was early days I can be secure in knowing that this will be amended for the coming years.

Our Journey Back

To get to this location, you would need to take Marmion Road and head north.  Alkimos Beach is the next development after Eden Beach.

However, in spite of its newness, Akimos is a fairly pleasant venue to visit.  Of course in a couple of years it will be bustling with people, shops and probably be the next best beach to visit.  However, these pictures are of the beach area and is what it looks like now. It would be great to see a before and after photo!  See you in about 2 years?  #feelsliketimetravel

The Government House

The public can view the Government House only twice a year.  Visiting it is like visiting the Buckingham Palace to see how the Queen lives.


The Government House can be found in the heart of the Perth City.  It has an extensive history which starts with Governor Stirling back in 1839 and ends with the current location of house.


The Open Day tour starts with a walk through the magnificent gardens.  This is the home of Her Excellency the Honourable Kerry Sanderson AO.  I could not help but wonder if she ever had the time to wonder through the  garden, swim in the pool or even just sit momentarily to reflect on her journey to that very point.  I later learnt that she walks the gardens every morning with her dog.


The property was well guarded with armed forced and house staff.  I could just envisioned the protocol, together with detail meetings, going over every scenario and curve ball that could be imagined.

IMG_6354 - Copy

Besides the array of vintage cars and outdoor activities, the Open Day was magnificently coordinated with indoor activities that would only have many stop in awe … if only for a minute.



As one wandered through the house, one could not help but imagine whose footsteps walked the halls. From Kings, Queen, Princess and Princesses to prime ministers, ministers and governors – these floors and carpets had trails left over hundreds of years.


If walls could talk, I wonder what stories they would say as the elite discuss everything and nothing all within the same breath of the day?  I further wondered if most of the rooms were displayed purposefully for the average person to see, or was this how the rooms were set for day in to day out.



One of the more famous features of the house is the living room which was lined with royal photos.  Everything seemed to be perfectly in place and every placed seemed to have the perfect thing.  Yet, I once again wondered, is this really how the governor and the royals would enjoy an evening dinner?  Would these photos be displayed in the same manner or would more meaningful paintings of grandeur take their place.

IMG_6425 IMG_6424

The stairway to Her Excellency rooms was closed off.  At the top of the stairs was a display of a magnificent stained glass artwork.  I was instructed to take a photo with the chandelier but unfortunately I found this experience to ruin the whole display. [what are your thoughts?]


The trail soon took us through the State Secretary office.  There was a desk with a small dinning table ready for guest.  Once again, is this always prepared in this fashion – or was it just on display for the open day.


My attention was soon drawn to the  shelves decorated with an array of books.  I always believe that a bookshelf can tell you a lot bout a person.  Of course I could not have a proper look but I was given permission to take a photo of some books dating back to the 40’s.  Of course I could not help but question when the state secretary was last in ‘office’ as the calendar was set on the date of 09 February 2016!  Then again – we are in the technology era so why need a paper diary to keep you in the loop of state matters!!!!


A day of this nature could not finish without a proper English ceremonial tea and sandwiches.  Of course I would have preferred a scone but they were all sold out.  Imagine that!

IMG_6511 IMG_6508 IMG_6507

I made my final rounds through the gardens taking snap shots of roses that were perfectly in bloom.  I knew how hard it is to ensure a perfect bloom, so I quietly congratulated the people responsible for the outdoor display of spectacular fauna.


While I could write many more lines to describe my experience, I can only say this.  An event like this is well worth the visit.  Of course, if you are like me, and wonder if everything is in its place for a purpose, then take the time to see the next Open Day!  Of course compare photos – and let me know!  Is this the real thing – or is it just for show! Enjoy!



Give Me Wind Beneath my Wings

Western Australia is NOT all sunshine and perfect days.  Of course, up to now all you have seen is sunshine and perfect days – so why believe me now?


Well, the truth is – there is wind, rain and cold days – just like many other places in the world.  They may only last a few days and in late July and early August they may last a few weeks, however on the whole we have awesome days.  #blessed


Just north of Perth is Lancelin.  I have written about this little place before… but with beautiful sunsets over a very calm sea.  They say – it is pretty windy and like many questioned that as all I saw was hot, sunny days.


So when the wind rises, waves rolls in and the sea looks inviting as a savage dog behind a gate – the only thing that is left is to take pictures and windsurf…..