Travelling back to Perth from Jurien Bay

I love our travels back.  For some reason I always see things that I did not see before.

Sand Dunes - seen in greater scale
Sand Dunes – seen in greater scale

On our way back we noticed this white substance in the distance.  It sparked a hive of conversation in the car with focus on the subject snow!  We were debating that if it was snow – then how would it have stayed there in such great quantity at sea-level and while it was so hot.  To our surprise we found it was the Sand Dune we saw earlier but now it was so much bigger and whiter!  I was tempted to stop and explore but I already knew that we used a great portion of our time up at Jurien Bay and Cervantes, so this would have to be added to the “next adventure” list.

A place called Wedge
A place called Wedge

Just a little way down from these Dunes was a little side road to a location called Wedge.  I had seen a bumper sticker previously called – “Save Wedge” and I had no idea what it all meant.  So we took a quick detour to find out more.  We were surprised to find houses (or rooms) made out of corrugated iron, or from  some makeshift material.  I guess the rule that I read on a board – no houses to be built permanently – would be an explanation for this selection of building style. There was no electricity and water was limited.  There was a dirt road which  I was tempted to travel down (which look like a long driveway) to find out more. The only reason why this was tempting was that I saw a couple of 4X4’s going down this exact road.  The only thing that stopped me was the fact that I had a little car and the road was very sandy…which meant that according to murphy’s law,  I had a good chance of getting stuck!  however, I mentally added this to my ever growing list of “adventures”.  Apparently, from what I have gathered since, is that Wedge has the abundance of untouched coastal terrain and is a very popular spot for surfers.  I am sure that I will write about this in the future but for now…this is about all I have about this experience.

I have always preferred the alternative ways of generating electricity or acquiring water.  I believe that this world harnesses a lot of power which we can tap into at any stage, but have not.  When we continued our journey and I was surprised to see wind turbines.  Actually I was quite excited because I did not see them the first time going up to Jurien Bay AND I it was a delight to see someone making an attempt to using this form of energy creation over more traditional forms of energy “acquisitional” methods.

wind mill
wind mill

It was also not long after that – that I saw this.  Windmills offer such a variation to any landscape.  And this picture really captured what I saw – dry – yellow/brown terrain with greenish shrubs on the outskirts captured by blue sky in the backdrop.

While the trip up to Jurien Bay was intriguing, I must say the trip back was just as much so!  And we were so lucky to experience this all within a day – leaving me with a thought – ISN”T WESTERN AUSTRALIA JUST STUNNING!

If you saw something that I did not on the way up to Jurien Bay – please comment below.  I would love to hear about it!

Destination: Jurien Bay (last stop)

Jurien Bay is known for its culture, diversity and annual wild flowers which can be seen during August/September.  However we decided to visit Jurien Bay during January, and therefore missed all these highlights.

We were slightly disappointed by Jurien Bay.  We were spoilt with the rugged coasts and untapped beauty.  Jurien Bay had an air or commercialism, and it did not have that coast town feel.  We made our way to the coast to find a cafe right on the beach front.  Of course this would be a wonderful experience, however we were not really after a cafe experience on this particular day.

There was a jetty that was very inviting to walk along, however we had already decided that Cervantes was far better in terms of privacy, location and atmosphere.

Jurien Bay Harbour
Jurien Bay Harbour

While I may have not enjoyed Jurien Bay on this particular day, Jurien Bay does offer a host of experiences which you can find out more from:

If you were planning a road trip to Shark Bay, then staying at Jurien Bay may be a great stay over.  But out of Jurien Bay and Cervantes – I would definitely vote Cervantes.

Destination: Jurien Bay (Part 2)

On our way to Jurien Bay we came across a little sign that said Cervantes.  Being first time travelers to this part of the world, I was very keen to see what lay down the road.  The town was named after a ship that was wrecked nearby. The ship, in turn, was named after Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote. Cervantes has a very unique atmosphere.  It has no commercial type attachment, with a little shopping center that only has the bare necessities.  At the end of the little road we were travelling on, we were welcome by a sandy beach cover, with islands in the distance.  Cervantes is part of the Jurien Bay Marine Park, which hosts a number of amazing marine animals.

The lookout point at Cervantes which gives you a better view of this little gem
The lookout point at Cervantes which gives you a better view of this little gem
Cervantes from the lookout point.
Cervantes from the lookout point.
Islands in the Distance
Islands in the Distance

Cervantes is slightly wild and rugged…with no real signs of any commercial developments along the coast line.  It has toilet facilities with a shower…much needed after a day in the sand and water.

I took a mental note of the distance of the islands, where I feel they could be easily reached by kayak, wind-surfing, paddle board, or some other form of “flotation” device.  It is something that I definitely put on my “life goals” list.

A kite surfer having loads of fun in his "playground".
A kite surfer having loads of fun in his “playground”.

The water at Cervantes was very warm and calm.  While the kite surfers were enjoying their time in the surf, the wind was a refresher from the hot sun.  We visited Cervantes when the temperature topped over 40 degree Celsius.

Jurien Bay Marine Park
Jurien Bay Marine Park

As this was only a day trip, there was no need for accommodation.  However, if you are planning a long trip up the coast with a number of stops along the way, you could find accommodation at  I can not give you any feedback on this however you can visit Trip Advisor where others have left their comments about their experience:

NEXT STOP:  Jurien Bay


Destination: Jurien Bay (Part ONE)

Jurien Bay can be found about 226 km North of Perth.  This can be a perfect destination for a day trip, with ample time for stops and detours.

Of course there are many ways to get to Jurien Bay based on where you are coming from, however we enjoyed taking the INDIAN OCEAN Drive, which allowed us some wonderful views of the ocean.

Indian Ocean Drive - straight Ahead
Indian Ocean Drive – straight Ahead

I found the landscape to be very intriguing  with yellow and green hues streaming across the terrain.  Wildlife cross this road often, so we kept a look-out for kangaroos,emus or other critters that may just innocently cross our paths.

Wild Life Alert
Wild Life Alert

Our first stop was about 30 minutes short of Cervantes.  It was a newly developed picnic area with a “Look Out” view-point.  Of course being at the highest point of the terrain, it did give you a true appreciation of what was lying ahead.

I thought the steel chairs would be hot, given that it was in the sun for most the morning but to my surprise it was NOT!
I thought the steel chairs would be hot, given that it was in the sun for most the morning but to my surprise it was NOT!
A birds eye view of the look out point
A birds eye view of the look out point

However, even though this spot was spectacular, calling for us to stay longer, we were pressed to move on.   Before long – we were off again – on route to Jurien Bay.  The views around were amazing with a blend of “fynbos” (fine bush) and sand dunes.  I did see some people  walking up the dunes with their “sand boards”.  I made a quiet note to myself to purchase our own sand boards for such an experience on our next journey is this direction.

The road itself was smooth with no pot holes.  Normally one would expect to find a gas station, or some form of “cafe” along the way, however this road did not lend in this way at all.  The only time you would be able to fill the tank would be at little towns scattered along the way.  This is generally a given for most of Western Australia, and it is why many cars carry spare gas cans, just in case it is needed!

It wasn’t long before we came across a little sign that said:  Cervantes.  However – for the moment I will end my journey here – because I will talk about the hidden gem we found at Cervantes in my next Blog.

BBQ by the Beach

One of the unique aspects of the Perth area is the abundance of gas BBQ’s.

A typical BBQ you could find along the Perth Coastal Area.
A typical BBQ you could find along the Perth Coastal Area.

And – where ever you find a BBQ – you will find a picnic table.

The unique thing about these BBQ’s is that in order to heat it, you just need to press a button (BBQ and Gas are for free).  And, within 10 seconds, you have a griddle that is ready to be used.  Of course, there is a very high chance others have used the BBQ before you, so you may wish to clean it before use.  But outside of that, all you need is food to cook and the rest is elementary.

The downside to these BBQ’s is that many people use them during the summer months, so there may be a little wait. The gas/electricity also shuts off at 9 pm, which limits you to a cooking time.  Also, with BBQ’s in high demand you may also find this applies to the table/s.  So if you are willing to wait, and take a picnic cloth (instead of a table) – you may find a BBQ by the beach is just what the “captain” ordered.  We found that most people finish cooking around 7 pm, so you can quite easily enjoy a dip in the ocean and then dinner by the beach!

A favorite spot by many can be found at Scarborough Beach, which has two BBQ’s and three tables.  It also has a play area for kids, a huge grass area, and a direct access to the beach.  This spot is awesome for Sunsets, which makes a BBQ by the beach a memorable one.

Sunset at Scarborough Beach
Sunset at Scarborough Beach


So if you feel that today is the day you want to have a BBQ by the beach, here is a list of things that you may need (outside of food)


  1.  Metal Scrapper (and brush – optional) – for cleaning
  2. Tongs and Egg lifter
  3. Knifes, Forks, spoons, plates, serviettes .
  4. Wet towels (or a towel which can be used for grubby hands)
  5. Bowls for cooked food
  6. Salt and Pepper
  7.  Cups for drinks (or drinks by themselves)  On the note of drinks:  some areas have a zero alcohol tolerance and if found drinking any alcohol in these areas may result in a fine.
  8. Picnic Cloth (incase tables are taken)
  9. Plastic bags to throw rubbish away in

We always have our picnic things read to go for those last-minute decision.  It takes the stress out of getting things together, so that the evening can be enjoyed.  For us there is nothing better than having  dinner by the beach while the sun sets and a gentle breeze comes off the ocean.  Experience = PRICELESS

Of course, if you are nowhere near Scarborough  you can view this website for a BBQ in your area:

So here’s to you on your next adventure – enjoy!

The wide world of adventure

I love road trips.  And hopefully you do to.  What I love most about road trips is the actual journey to the destination.  Along each journey, there are always things to see and little places to visit.  Taking a little detour is always so much fun, because it is often a road that others don’t travel giving your the chance to see things others don’t normally see.

I started this blog mostly because I wanted to share my findings with you.  Sometimes we get so caught up getting to a place that we sometimes miss out on a lot of new and exciting experiences. I am hoping that the next time you travel, you may just take a few notes from my “blog” and add a few new adventures to your journey!

A road off main road...
A road off main road…


A Road is the Beginning to an Adventure