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The Pinnacles – A Walk in the Desert

The Pinnacles can be found north of Perth, just outside of Cervantes.  The best time to visit the park, in my opinion, would be in the months from March to early November. The main reason for this is that temperatures are lower.  The second reason is that the line to the ticket booth is generally shorter.

Pinnacles Western Australia

Because some friends of the kids have not seen the Pinnacles, I thought it would be a great opportunity to take the break over Christmas to show the some Western Australian Wonderland.

The long line of tourists…over the December period. Be prepared to wait!

The trip itself, takes over 2 hours of driving.  There are no gas stations along the Indian Ocean Drive from Yanchep to Jurien Bay.  However, there are many ‘picnic’ spots which allows you to see the this part of world from a completely different angle.

The Pinnacles
Drive Through the Pinnacles

Personally, I found the trip towards Cervantes entertaining.  I generally take hold of any opportunity to stop for photo opportunity.  However, the trip home is definitely different with the object to get home.   Of course, this is generally late in the day and after a long day of travel, the trip home can be  exhausting.  The home trip can be dangerous because of the belief that the trip is a short one.  However, with a single lane and everyone doing the same thing as you, this is the time where you need to take a couple of breaks.

Take care of the family on the road

Entrance fee to the park is $13.00 per vehicle.  December is busy and one can expect to wait in line to purchase a ticket.

According the Australian Coral Coast

These amazing natural limestone structures, some standing as high as five metres, were formed approximately 25,000 to 30,000 years ago, after the sea receded and left deposits of sea shells. Over time, coastal winds removed the surrounding sand, leaving the pillars exposed to the elements.

Once inside the park, you can see the pinnacles either through walking a trail or completing the drive loop.  We decide the latter would be more appropriate because even though there was a wind to cool the temperature, it was still hot.  Furthermore, we had reached the Pinnacles at 11 am which meant the sun was high making it a bad time for photos.

The Pinnacles

There are many stop points on the Drive Loop.  Many new visitors stop at the first time they can, however there is a great spot to see the pinnacles at the turn of the loop.  This will place you behind the main field of Pinnacles and give you the perfect position for a range of photos.  Of course you can stop as many times as you want but with many tourist wanting to do the same thing means you may not have the opportunity to park and stop.

Pinnacles Desert Discovery Center is the home to the museum and shop.  It is open from 930 am to 430 pm.  They sell light refreshments and range of local products which is not often found at other locations.  I did not see any lunch options so I would suggest that you take along a picnic basket.

Pinnacles Desert Discover Centre
The Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre.

Toilets are situated near the Discovery Center.  And there is a request that you bag and take home your own rubbish.  There are no waste bins, so make sure you take a bag for your rubbish.

Take your Rubbish Home

One of the questions I asked the staff members was whether the park closed at 430 pm?  I could not find any information about what time they closed, and I thought that take Astro Photography in this area would be amazing.

Inside the Pinnacles Discovery Center
Find out more about the Pinnacles and view some amazing photos

What I found out is that the Discovery Center closes at 430 pm but the park is still open.  This meant that one could stay longer and capture a moment when the light is just right.  As a result, I made a point to return back after the mad Christmas rush for taking photos when the light is absolutely perfect.

The crew give this experience the ‘The Thumbs Up’.

Overall, I never tire of visiting the Pinnacles.  Plus, with an all day ticket means you can see more of this area which includes the Stromalites in Cervantes.  If you are thinking ‘Should I?’ ~ then I suggest – YOU SHOULD! 😉


Spring into the Summer Hemisphere

A perfect Sunset
A perfect Sunset

Well it is 23 September 2013, and one would think:  Spring!  However, I am thinking that spring could just be a later bloomer because this month has been rain, rain, rain plus wind and cold.  For Perth, that is pretty unusual, although I have to say it – we do need the rain!

However, I am hoping that a spring like this brings on a GREAT summer.  And of course there are loads of things to do in Summer.  After all, Perth is the hub to great turquoise waters and pristine white beaches…..so basically it is – water water everywhere and so much things to do!

So if you are heading towards Perth over the next 4 to 6 months, here is a list of things that you may just want to do.

7 Water Wonders of Perth 

Hope you enjoy…



Witnessing a Baby White Whale being born

It is September, and you know what that means?  It means it is the time for the Southern Right Whale and the Humpback Whale to make their debut in the South African coastal waters.


The Garden Route is famous for some amazing sightings.  And like all tourists, you really want to get as close as possible to these gentle giants.  Some Tourists take the journey on boat, however for me?  I found a place where you can get closer to a whale than you can on a boat.  More importantly, you don’t have to leave land, because the whales come to you.

This place is magical, and if you are heading in this direction this year, you may as well take hold a this perfect moment.  You can read more here:  Whale Watching at de Kelders, South Africa

A hidden gem renamed Paradise

Western Australia has to be one of the most amazing places I have ever been to.  There are so many places that are rugged, wild and off the beaten track.

One a recent camping trip we found a piece of heaven which I am sure many tourist have never experienced.  So let me tell this story with pictures instead of words and will end with – where you can find this hidden gem.

Louise Point
Louise Point
Billy Goat Island
Billy Goat Island Bay
THE Billy Goat Island
THE Billy Goat Island
A Sand Bar which is shallow enough for you to walk across to the island
A Sand Bar which is shallow enough for you to walk across to the island


Getting There
Getting There

And this fabulous place can be found on route to Greenhead!






The longest jetty in the world

Well I am not exactly sure about this, but for 1.8 km,it sure does make one LONG jetty AND stunning too.  Where can you find it?  In Busselton, just about 2.5 hours south of Perth.

longest jetty ever
longest jetty ever

It has a little train track built in the middle which is a great help for those with walking difficulties.

walking the tracks
walking the tracks

Along the side of the jetty are little fishing spots where you can fish for an amazing array of fish.

your personal fishing spot
your personal fishing spot just down the stairs

With the picture above you can truly grasp how long the jetty really is, and right at the end you have the option to view the fish in the water in a underwater room.  So don’t forget your wallets on this trip.

A shop and an experience!
A shop and an experience!

Busselton  hosts a number of activities.  Just along side the jetty is a man-made rock pool, which is just perfect for kids.

little rock pool for safe swimming
little rock pool for safe swimming

…and of course you have an array of restaurants to choose from if you forgot to pack lunch!

Busselton was our final stop on our Monster Road trip, and in all fairness, it should have been the first and only stop on this day due to its beauty and list of things to do.

I am already planning our next trip…..so stay tune!  😉