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Point Peron WW2 Battery and Observation Bunkers

Point Peron can be found near Rockingham.  It is an amazing national reserve that offers a range of trails.  However, one main feature is the military bunkers which were built for World War II.

Cape Peron Military Bunker WWII

These sites were established 1942 as part of the Australian coastal defense created in response to the World War II threat.

World War II bunker, Peron Point

Point Peron can be found in the southern end of Cockburn Sounds, south of Rockingham.  Apart from its abundance of natural beauty, Point Peron is also a gathering point for photographers.  With sea, rocks, fauna and flora – it is no wonder.

Cape Peron, Perth

After walking a flight of stairs to see the first bunker, one begins to understand why it was built in this location.  It has an almost 360 vantage point where troops can react immediately if they saw any enemy ships entering the Australian waters.

Cape Peron, Rockingham

Although the bunker is in fairly good condition, one can see wear and tear from vagrants that have left their marks without care to the historical significance. Of course, I began to imagine what it would have been like for the soldiers where manning this point.  Temperatures soar in the summer afternoons with flies notoriously making their debut as the uninvited guest to a private party.

World War II bunker, Perth

As per my adventurous spirit, I followed a pathway at the top end of the bunker.  To my surprise, I found another bunker.  This one was built into the hill and was a little harder to get to.  It was cooler due to the absence of light which also gave that eerie impression.  I could imagine this bunker housing ammunition, as the two bunkers themselves were a good distance from any military base.

Cape Peron Military Bunker World War 2

Military Bunker World War 2

I managed to capture a shot of the ‘dark room’, however I wondered why anyone would make their way into these bunkers.  With graffiti all over the wall and an obvious stench of defecating a heritage site, I could not find any reason why anyone would want to make their way here other than for a dare.  Notably, given its location, this would be a haven for other critters – a dark hole that is easy to access.

Military Bunker, Perth

Apart from the two military bunkers, Cockburn Sounds has a very interesting background.  Because submarines were used extensively during World War II, anti-submarine nets were created in this region. Given the technology they had back in those days, the construction was impressive which you can read about in an extensive article written by Matt Carter and Ross Anderson.

Click on pick for link of pdf

I am not sure if there are any tours in this area, however one just needs to pick a trail and walk it.  All trails tend to link up to each other and there are signs.

Tips for Visiting Point Peron:

  1.  Plan to stay a while.  There is a lot to see and do here, so think about taking a picnic basket.
  2.  If you visit during the day – take sunscreen, hat and water.  (oh and maybe a fly swat or two)
  3.  Wear appropriate shoes and don’t forget the camera.



Alkimos Beach

Alkimos Beach can be found about 40 minutes north of Perth, depending on traffic.

24 Hours Surveillance

Alkimos is a new development which has huge potential.  If you were looking at purchasing an investment property, or even a home away from the busy city, then you may want to consider this little place.

When we arrived to have a little “look-see” we could not help but feel that we were in a movie set.  Most the houses were empty, waiting for someone to move in/to buy. Somme where still being built, and some roads where blocked off for new development.

The beach was my first port of call to see what it is like now and the potential of what it could be in the future – given that it is called Alkimos BEACH.


Of course, we were welcomed with a sign which stated that we would need to travel a distance to see it.


I could not help but wonder what it would be like IF someone was to walk this distance with kids?  I knew that this journey would end up with a least one person unhappy and probably not a great start to the day?  I could imagine getting there and someone said that they need to go to the bathroom?  However, as I was determined to see what was on the other side of the hill I made it a mission to experience this journey.

The ocean….just moments away

The beach itself was deserted.  I could imagine NEON sign saying “VACANCY”.  In fact I am sure I saw that sign coming into the town.  How exciting to be one of the first people on the beach before others in the future.



Of course the tires marks were a sure give away that there were other travelers.  In spite of signs saying NO MOTORBIKES there were still some there.  I just missed one as it came zooming past.  NOW THAT was definitely in a movie scene!


There were still some areas that needed some fixing.  But as it was early days I can be secure in knowing that this will be amended for the coming years.

Our Journey Back

To get to this location, you would need to take Marmion Road and head north.  Alkimos Beach is the next development after Eden Beach.

However, in spite of its newness, Akimos is a fairly pleasant venue to visit.  Of course in a couple of years it will be bustling with people, shops and probably be the next best beach to visit.  However, these pictures are of the beach area and is what it looks like now. It would be great to see a before and after photo!  See you in about 2 years?  #feelsliketimetravel