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Sealed with a Kiss

Just off the coast of Safety Bay you will find Seal Island.  This is the home to a herd of Australian Sea Lions which is also listed as a threatened species. Seals, from personal experience, are te…

Source: Sealed with a Kiss


Gardens by the Bay – Singapore

We took our first overseas family vacation in about 10 years and headed to Singapore for 3 days.  Of course, like all vacations of this nature, I do a little research on the things to see and do.  But halfway through I thought we would just ‘wing’ it and see things at the time we can see them.


By the time we reached the Gardens by the Bay it was our last day.  Our plane was leaving in the evening which meant we would need to check out and then take our hand luggage EVERYWHERE.



One of the challenges with Singapore weather is that it gets very hot.  It also rains – now and then – in the afternoon.  Of course for us, it was more now than then.



So with luggage in two, we checked out of the hotel and started our epic voyage on the hottest and most humid day in Singapore.


After a few detours, we made it to the Gardens of the Bay.  I was more interested in see HOW they created these amazing Super Grove trees than the Garden itself.  And with 2 of the 4 members deciding that it was better to stay back, the other 2 (including myself) made our way to the gardens.


Walking through the gardens is free.  I soon realized that I did NOT do my homework properly as my attention was placed more on the Super Grove Trees than the garden itself.  I soon learnt that the gardens were divided into an array of flora from all over the world.


While the walkthrough the gardens is free- the skyway for the Super Grove costs $5.00 per adult.  The is only one entry and one exit and no one can go back and re-walk it.  It is a one way walk only.


Of course, as it was our last adventure we decided to take the Skyway to see more of Singapore.  And while I would say that the experience was amazing, I have to say that the evening experience would probably be even better.


Apart from being created from concrete (and all other building materials), each tree had orchids growning up it.  I have always struggled to grow orchids so imagine having about 12 of these structures with orchids successfully growing up them.


If we had had more time, I would have given this adventure a full day. However, I am grateful in experiencing what I did in the short time we had.  It is definitely an experience that is on my ‘return and do’ list.

Cabaret Caves

The Cabaret Caves can be found in Yanchep National Park.  It is one of the few natural environment which one can hire for a banquet, wedding or any other dining experiences.  Every cent, in my opinion, would be worth the investment.


The Cabaret Caves was created in 1932 offering work opportunity to many unemployed people that were struggling through the Great Depression.   Stairs and interior were created from natural rock creating an ambiance like no other.


I found the Cabaret Caves very exciting.  I had read that many parties were held in the caves during the Great Depression which help pay for workers that built it.  I could not help but imagine the clash between two classes; one which tried keep food on their family tables while others spent time carelessly without a worry in the world.  In some bazaar way – time really has not changed in that respect.

A quick capture through bars of an empty cave that once thrived with life!
On the day I visited it was hot and humid.  Areas of the cave were boarded up giving an obvious indication that no visitors were welcome past that point.  Zephyrs blowing through the trees  gave an eerie feeling that someone, or something, was watching.


While dinner tickets to this venue cannot be purchased, I could not help but wonder what it would be like to have dinner in a cave that held so much history.  I guess I may just keep an eye out for a moment like this without having to hire the entire cave out just for the experience.

However, as a passer-by – one can visit these caves with out any extra fees outside of the entry fee to Yanchep National Park!




Kayak on the Sea – Just a Weekend Thing!

I used to sit on the beach, look out over the water and watch kayaks glides effortless across the water.  And, I thought “Wow that must be an amazing experience”.


For years I have struggled to get into the water.  I could handle just walking through the water, but swimming was stopped by a massive fear of sharks.  Of course I wrote about how I handled this illusion, however you will still not find me swimming in the deeper side of the ocean —— yet!


A few years ago I gave both SUP and kayak a trial.  Both of them were easy to do but in the end I felt I could travel further in a kayak than I could with SUP.  (maybe I feel safer – not sure)

This year, I was given a Kayak for my birthday.  Of course, it helped with selling all my cycling gear which I felt I probably will not be using for a while.



My first kayak experience was a short one.  If I had a heart rate monitor it would have been close to 200.

A little support - and then off I go!
A little support – and then off I go!

I took the Kayak to Whitfords Beach where I went to the first marker and back.  It was no more than about 50 meters.  However, I had to travel further and deeper than I have in the past.  My first trial did not count as I kayak along a very shallow coast line.  This voyage took me from turquoise blue to very dark blue, with no idea what would be underneath.  I returned – safe and no sharks to be seen!  (Fear of Sharks hiding in the water and waiting for the opportunity is now fading into a myth)


The second time I went out, I paddled from  Sorrento Beach.  The water was again perfect – not a ripple to be seen.  I stayed close to the shore line but far enough to feel ‘independent’.  I could see sand and some seaweed underneath me and the moment was amazing.  (Fear of Sharks hiding in the water and waiting for the opportunity to eat me – fading into a myth)


After this, I was hooked.  (no pun intended)  I have spent most weekend mornings and so

And WHERE do you think you are going?
And WHERE do you think you are going?

So – this weekend I suggest you hire a kayak if you have never experienced this, and kayak along the ocean or Swan River.  Make sure you have a life vest.  People think I am crazy but I have thought about every curve ball in this situation so if I am swept out deeper I have a BRIGHT pink vest which they can see me!  I also have a line attached to the oar in case the winds picks up….. and it rips the oar out of my hands.  And I have a little ‘hub’ where I can store things like a spare shirt, a phone and a few other knickknacks in case of emergency.  (The phone proved handy to take photos)

You can hire a kayak from a number of places, the the one I know is along Riverside Drive right on the  Swan Valley Edge.  They are called About Bike Hire.   However – have a google to find a place!  And if you see me out there with a yellow kayak and a pink vest – then you may as well introduce yourself.  There just might be a chance I will give you a go (of course I may have to look after you keys or something – LOL)

Spring into the Summer Hemisphere

A perfect Sunset
A perfect Sunset

Well it is 23 September 2013, and one would think:  Spring!  However, I am thinking that spring could just be a later bloomer because this month has been rain, rain, rain plus wind and cold.  For Perth, that is pretty unusual, although I have to say it – we do need the rain!

However, I am hoping that a spring like this brings on a GREAT summer.  And of course there are loads of things to do in Summer.  After all, Perth is the hub to great turquoise waters and pristine white beaches…..so basically it is – water water everywhere and so much things to do!

So if you are heading towards Perth over the next 4 to 6 months, here is a list of things that you may just want to do.

7 Water Wonders of Perth 

Hope you enjoy…



Witnessing a Baby White Whale being born

It is September, and you know what that means?  It means it is the time for the Southern Right Whale and the Humpback Whale to make their debut in the South African coastal waters.


The Garden Route is famous for some amazing sightings.  And like all tourists, you really want to get as close as possible to these gentle giants.  Some Tourists take the journey on boat, however for me?  I found a place where you can get closer to a whale than you can on a boat.  More importantly, you don’t have to leave land, because the whales come to you.

This place is magical, and if you are heading in this direction this year, you may as well take hold a this perfect moment.  You can read more here:  Whale Watching at de Kelders, South Africa

A hidden gem renamed Paradise

Western Australia has to be one of the most amazing places I have ever been to.  There are so many places that are rugged, wild and off the beaten track.

One a recent camping trip we found a piece of heaven which I am sure many tourist have never experienced.  So let me tell this story with pictures instead of words and will end with – where you can find this hidden gem.

Louise Point
Louise Point
Billy Goat Island
Billy Goat Island Bay
THE Billy Goat Island
THE Billy Goat Island
A Sand Bar which is shallow enough for you to walk across to the island
A Sand Bar which is shallow enough for you to walk across to the island


Getting There
Getting There

And this fabulous place can be found on route to Greenhead!